Tuesday, 14 February 2012

With all my heart

Happy valentines day to all my lovely blog readers, I hope you have all shared your day with someone you truly love - I know I have.

I have been in a crafting frenzy this week and have gazillions of little projects to share, february is a very very busy month birthday-wise in our house, but I won't bore you with all my projects in one post, I shall try and eek them out a little over the week.

First up I have a little mini book I made for my lovely friend Trish, it was her birthday on the 10th.

Trish has always been a big support to me and has become very dear to me over the last couple of years, I wanted to make a little something to let her know what a special friend she is.

The papers were really pretty colours and designs, so I kept my embellishments fairly simple.

I added lots of friendship quotes, mostly computer generated with a little stamping in there too.

And the little pockets on each right hand page house tags, which I have written messages on the back of.

Each page opens at the top to create pockets, each of which houses a larger tag.

I also have my next page for my Life Book to share with you this evening.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am drawn to hearts and all things cordate, it must be something to do with me being a valentine baby but regardless of the why's and wherefores I do tend to end up with hearts in most of my projects.  

I drew my girl in pencil ( if you look closely, you can see her face is also heart shaped) I painted her with neo colours and added further colour with polychromos pencils.

The background was all doodled and then painted with neocolours, I redefined the doodled lines with a Pitt Artist pen, I like to use the Superfine nib and use a medium one for bolder lines or shading.

I have had an amazing day, thankyou to everyone for their birthday wishes, cards and gifts, I have been spoiled rotten all day by my family, friends and exoteric family.

We had a lovely afternoon crafting, we have a tuesday afternoon crafters club at the shop ( looking for a catchy name - any suggestions ???)

We actually managed to get quite a lot done, almost finished a mini book, thanks Anita for the tutorial. We laughed all afternoon and also managed to stuff our faces full of cupcakes - thanks to Leanne, Lindas lovely daughter who makes the most amazing little edible wonders.

( Sorry for the poor photo, I left my Leica at home and took this with my iphone, love love love my iphone but it doesn't take the best pics)

And then after tea ( Dominoes pizza yummmmmmm) Neil brought out this fabulous chocolate indulgence ( everyone knows me sooooo well lol)

I truly am blessed to have so many wonderful, kind and supportive people in my life - thankyou all.
I love you all, with all my heart xxx


  1. That cake looks yummy, did you use your cream.lolxx Your book and drawing are brilliant.. glad you enjoyed your day.xx

  2. Happy birthday! Fab work and amazing cake!

  3. Glad you had a great day, your book for trishaws is something I'm sure she will treasure. What a lovely birthday gift to receive.
    I love your drawing too and your cake looks scrummy.
    I had a lovely afternoon crafting with my lovely friends. (I just love my book that Anita taught) .
    See you soon

    Love ya.


  4. Glad your birthday was enjoyable, we enjoyed it too.
    I'm sure Trish loved her little book, it's gorgeous. Love your 'Life Book' page, beautiful.
    Now that's the scrummiest cake ever, a chocolate delight!!!
    Thinking cap is on for catchy crafty names.

  5. Pleased you enjoyed your birthday and ate lots of yummy cakes!! The book is a wonderful birthday
    gift and your drawings are superb. thanks for a great afternoon shared with lovely people xx

  6. fabulous page in your book :)
    Happy belated birthday
    Von x♥x

  7. very very cool. I love the little tags. :)

  8. Oh... and hope V-Day treated you and yours well!

  9. Wow wow wow - another fabby page for the life book - and also yummy looking treats!


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