Monday, 27 February 2012

Mission Possible

On Saturday my baby turned twelve, this is the card I made for my youngest - AJ

He is entirely obsessed with all things C.O.D

The image is one I purloined from google, I luckily had the perfect shade of bazzill to match the Modern Warfare logo.

In the little pocket on the right I included AJ's missions for the day.

The missions earned me massive brownie points, AJ was totally awed by the fact that I knew what a 'map pack' was and also what a 'drop' was, lol we won't spoil the moment by revealing I spent half an hour reading all the strategies on the C.O.D website !


  1. “Cost of a single AC-130U Gunship: $190 million”

    “Cost of a single B-2 Bomber: $2.2 Billion”

    “Cost of a single F-117A Nighthawk: $122 Million”

    “Cost of a single F-22 Raptor: $135 million”

    “Cost of a single Javelin Missile: $80,000″

    “Cost of a single Tomahawk cruise Missile: $900,000″

    A fabulous birthday card from Mum and Dad : Priceless

  2. so clever! great card. HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY AJ!!!

  3. Tracey it's a brilliant card.

    Happy belated birthday to AJ.

  4. Fab card, my boys all grown up but they would have love a card like this, I like the mission cards.

  5. What a fabulous card, oh my hubby would love this lol


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