Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fun and games

Last weeks class card

Some beautiful new papers which arrived in the shop last week and we used Distress inks in embossing folders for a lovely two toned embossed look

Also this week

Beryl brought me in these gorgeous flowers, a lovely nod to spring when the weather outside is anything but springlike, the weather failed to hit positive figures here in frosty Lincolnshire today.

Today was the day we celebrated the shops birthday, 3 years old this week

The time has just flown by and has been filled with so many wonderful experiences, especially the new friends we have made along the way.

We have built up class members from a mere 6 right at the beginning to over 60 regular crafters on the books for various classes

We have gone from one weekly card class, to classes on almost every day of the week with regluar special classes, crops, workshops and demonstrations

The stock has tripled since we took over in Feb 2009

We have had a complete refurbishment from the front of the shop right the way through to the kitchen

And this has all been possible because of all the fabulous support of our family, friends and customers

THANKYOU  ALL so very much

We had organised some quizzes and games to play, although it was hard to tell who actually won any of them as there was some pretty blatant cheating going on. I cannot depone positively to the culprits of the said cheating on the grounds it may incriminate me, suffice it to say both Anita and I were reprimanded by Margaret on more than one occasion, we were on the receiving end of several of her infamous bossy but good natured screeds. ( At least we all now know what a 'fluffer' does - thanks Anita lol)

Lots of food, fun, laughter and excellent company, it felt a little piacular to be having such a good time at work - I guess I have the best job ever !!!

Thankyou very much to Trish who provided us with the most delicious parkin loaf and chocolate cake.

We have three lovely baskets of goodies to raffle, all proceeds will be going to St Andrews Hospice, the tickets will be available to buy in the shop until next saturday.

Sorry there are no snapshots of the party itself, we were all having such a giggle we completely forgot about the camera, story of my life lol

Huge thanks to my ever reliable right hand ladies Anita and Margaret who both go above and beyond to help me organise events like these - thankyou both xxx
Thankyou to everyone who donated raffle prizes too.
Birthday wishes to both Trish ( for yesterday) and Andrea for today who both shared their celebrations with us today.

So on that note I will bid you all a very good night and here's to another 30 years of fun and laughter and happy crafting ( Rose informed me today that she is not going to allow me to stop for a good while yet lol xxx)


  1. the next 30 years!!!!! I will be 95 so I wont care who's cheating, or what a fluffer does. I might not know who you
    Enjoyed the day with some delighful ladies,plenty of laughs..
    Its always a pleasure to help you,anytime but maybe not so much in 30 years.xxxx Margaret,

  2. What a Fantastic day we all had. Lots of laughter and good humoured banter. A really lovely place to go and learn crafty things and the perfect place to meet good friends. Happy third anniversary Tracey and many more to come. xxx

  3. It was a lovely day, you all did so well, well done Anita for finding those questions, only you could have found them;0)

    Lovely class cards too.


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