Sunday, 22 January 2012

To know the dark

Sketch 365 - Saturday's sketch and Week 3 of Life Book

I multi-tasked this week and combined my sketch challenge with the lifebook task this week.

Bonnie shared the technique of sketching and shading using the hatch and cross hatch technique - IN PEN !!!!!

I am happy shading in pencil, heck I love shading in pencil, I have my trusty rubber by my side, poised and ready to eradicate any slips, PEN shading, with tiny little lines, one way then the other - whole new ball game, my nerves are shot I tell you.

The background around the girl is painted in water soluble crayons, the border I created using the shaving foam marbling technique

I am not entirely sure I did a great job and debated a while before sharing here, natheless it is part of the journey and so should be documented.

We were exploring the light and dark sides of our natures with this class and so the words I have written around the outside of the sketch read :

To go into the dark with a light,
Is to know the light.
To know the dark, 
Go dark, without sight
And find that the dark too
Blooms and sings
And is travelled 
By dark feet and dark wings.

Wendell Berry.


  1. Well done with the cross hatching, looks good. Don't think I'm going to be that brave. Love the 'word'

  2. a great drawing.excellent shading.x


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