Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Sketch 365 - Humphrey

My sketch for today has been inspired by Sally Hunter, the creator of Humphrey and his friends, you can visit Humphrey's website HERE

I fell in love with a calendar with these cute sketches on and had to treat myself.

I sketched him out this morning in between customers (back at work now) and then painted him in watercolours this afternoon whilst I enjoyed a fabulous catch up with Anita 
- and yes you are my diamond too ( providing you are able to read my blog and forgive my solecisms as promised earlier lol xxx)

I aim to incorporate each of Sally's 12 sketches into my sketch-a-day project, so at some point each month expect to see more sugary sweet cuteness by way of Humphrey and his charming companions.

Whilst on the subject of sketching.
 I am mixing it up a little this year. 
Last year I completed 7 days straight with one particular artist of choice as my inspiration, although I am still going to continue with the inspirational artist part, I will not be completing a run of consecutive days.

As I have undertaken rather a lot of challenges this year - most of them art based and year long ( what on earth was I thinking - please tell me 2012 has more hours in each day) I decided that I would integrate the sketches I do for my moleskine journalling project, Kate's art calendar, Tam's lifebook course, Darcy's postcard challenge and any other challenge that I fail to say no to, into my sketch 365 project. 

Still with me ? 

I thought not lol

And before any of my longer standing readers begins to think I have abandoned my other crafting, I am still going to be posting regular cards and scrapbook pages,  I have made a promise to myself to create at least one christmas card per week for 2012 and also increase my scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is my passion and I have allowed it to take a back seat for the last couple of years, but I really want to make a concerted effort to reintroduce regular layouts into my creative repertoire.


  1. Lovely 'catch up' day. Fingers crossed that you keep all your challenges up to date, lol. As for your solecisms here is a little verse for you.

    I have a spelling checker
    It came with my PC
    It plainly marks for my revue
    Mistakes I cannot sea
    I've run this poem threw it
    I'm sure your please to no,
    It's letter perfect in it's weigh
    My checker tolled me sew

    My new year's resolution - not to notice spelling and grammar errors!!! Unfortunately I don't think it will last long!


  2. At least we have one extra day in 2012, hope that helps!


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