Thursday, 12 January 2012


I generally toss the scraps left over from teaching a card class into my set of drawers at the shop, this week I decided to use them to make some additional cards

Here is the first one, I think I have enough oddments to make around three more. Each time I will vary the design and sentiment slightly

Sketch 365 - Mondays sketch

Tuesday's sketch

Wednesday's sketch

I am loving doing these Brian Froud inspired sketches, I hadn't heard of him before this week but I will definitely not forget him, he truly excels in fantasy.

Just before I head off to do my sketch for today I will leave you with a little cuteness from yesterday.

One of my ladies brought her son to the shop to pick up grandma who had just finished one of my classes. Stevie is 3 and I engaged him in a little conversation about school and general 3 year old chit chat

He is such a bonny little lad and was happily chatting away, when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he gave me the best answer yet - he replied in a very serious, matter of fact voice 'bigger !'

Lol both me and his grandma were in stitches and he just looked at us both like we were the silly ones.

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  1. Love your sketches, been checking out Brian Froud he has some amazing stuff.
    The innocence of youth, long may it live on, obvious answer!


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