Thursday, 5 January 2012

All the love in the world

First up and back to regular crafting here is a little 4 inch square card I made for a friend.

This was for Karen who is AJ's best friend's mum, she has been a star this year giving the boys lifts and taking them out and lots of other good deeds too, so I bought a little thankyou gift and added a note in this card.

The Kraft cardstock is Stampin' Up, the music note paper is By Bo Bunny. The ornate corner and flourishes are Cuttlebug, sentiment is also by Stampin' Up.

Sketch 365 - Inspired by MacKenzie Thorpe

Quickly sketched in pencil and coloured in very loose and casual with Polychromos, again these are supposed to be quick and easy, I really have to pull myself back from over-finishing them and spending hours on them.

Christmas is all but a blur, Neil is back at work and the kids are back at school and college. All ran rather smoothly apart from one minor panic when AJ misplaced his tie. AJ is incredibly ordered and precise with things, he likes routine, planning and being organised, his packed lunch and school bag have to be ready and by the door well before it is time to leave the house or he suffers a minor meltdown.
We only just averted said meltdown after frantic searching,  the tie was found lurking among bedclothes ( AJ muttering about camouflage all the way out of the house - far too many hours spent on C.O.D this holiday !!!) 
So, tie found and we are all settling back into the usual day to day rituals.

I enjoyed the company of Margaret today who came to fill me in on all her news and to show me her latest crafting projects, I am hoping she is going to blog them very soon as they are fantastic and she really does need to be sharing them, if she doesn't, I think Anita could have something to say about it, all hell will break loose and I will be summoned in my fetial capacity.

Me ! Melodramatic ! no !

Actually there is a little something going on with my blog, I have set myself a new challenge, can you tell what it is yet ?

I will reveal all later in the week, I think I might have a few class members who could guess.

Finally before I bid you all a goodnight 


The Running With Scissors JANUARY SALE

Will be taking place this saturday

SATURDAY 7th January 2012

There will be at least 20 % off EVERYTHING


Much bigger reductions on some of the older stock  - up to 90%

Sale starts at 10 am and we are open til 4pm

This is by way of a MASSIVE THANKYOU to all my loyal customers whose support has seen us through a trying start to the year


it is  also in preparation for some exciting changes

It is three years in February since I bought the shop and it has gone from strength to strength, I would really love to make february a whole month of celebration, so I have planned lots of events, special offers and exciting new stock, all will be revealed in the coming weeks.


  1. see you got your word in.wink.wink...lolxxxxx
    great to see you this afternoon, nice to have a good chat and I certainly did that.!!!!! still not sure about my work, not sure about entering the calendar...see you soon.take care.xx

  2. Congratulations on almost reaching your three year milestone:0)
    Oh! what a lot of fun and laughs everyone has had on the way.

    I'm loving your sketches and the card is lovely as always.

    missing you.

  3. Lol, thought you'd got a new dictionary!!!!
    The last three have flown by, I can't believe it almost three years since we met, I feel as though I've known you all my life my friend.
    Getting excited already for things to come.


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