Thursday, 27 October 2011

Heavy metal

The card I taught this week in class

We did a little painting and a lot of distressing.

And the following three cards are the ones taught by YeeTing in our Stampin,Up class today.

Gorgeous rich colours

And a quick but not so simple card as this one necessitated the use of a stampamajig.

Thankyou for a lovely class YeeTing

The next stampin' Up class will be in a fortnights time, next thursday is parchment with Bonnie.

We had an interesting day yesterday. Neil had bought us all tickets to see Volbeat at Sheffield. We love Volbeat, they played at Download last year and were fantastic live.
Unfortunately AJ wasn't old enough and we were turned away at the door. 
Rather than lose out all round and face a long drive home we decided to split up, Neil took Amy and Rob in to see the band and I found the nearest cinema to keep AJ amused.

This is where I can strongly recommend a handy little app for all you iphone users. Last year we downloaded 'Around me'
 I'd had no need to use mine, but it came into it's own last night. My gigging days in Sheffield are a fair few years back and my memory is not great at the best of times,  I didn't have a clue where all the amenities were.
You open up the app, choose the kind of amenity you are wanting ie bank, restaurant, cinema etc and it finds every single one in the vicinity and lists them with their distance from you.
One click and it gives you a little street map with a starting point and target so you can't get lost, brilliant, I love my little apple appliances.

So the boy and I found our way to the local Odeon and thoroughly enjoyed Real Steel, an entirely different kind of metal than we had been anticipating originally but fab all the same.


  1. Great class today, well done with the Stampamajig. There's a first time for everything and today was the day, yayyy! xxx

  2. Lovely cards Tracey, the Christmas card is so cute and the Stampin Up cards are stunning

  3. oh these are all amazing hun just love the different styles just gorgoeus hugs cherylxxxxxx

  4. Lovely cards:) did you use the stampamajig? Lol or was it guess work?

    Glad you had a good night out as you deserve it:).

    Love ya,


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