Sunday 4 December 2011


This card I made for AJ's best mate Jack who is 12 today - happy birthday Jack xxx

The boys are crazy about all things scooter and skateboard at the moment, so the image choice was easy.

I added some hardware in the form of eyelets and brads and a mini paper clip 

Next I have a little sketch catch up to share

Sketch 365 - Day 22

Sketch 365 - Day 23

Sketch 365 - Day 24

All these sketches have been inspired by MacKenzie Thorpe, who I wasn't aware of til my friend Darcy suggested him to me( thanks for the suggestion hon) I love his style. All the sketches were pencil drawn with no shading and painted with water soluble crayons.


  1. Love these cute sketches. Never heard of the artist before will check him out. Talking!!

  2. Love your sketches:) I havent heard of him either but going to look now. I love the card too.

    Enjoy your weekend.


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