Friday 14 November 2014

UFO Friday

Good evening

I am on a mission to complete some of my unfinished objects - UFO's

This gorgeous box was Jan's class last month and I completed most of it in the class but didn't quite manage to stick all the components together, nor had my embellishments been added

I improvised a little as I forgot to die cut the flourishes, so I added some pearls, a vintage button and extra flowers

Thankyou for another exceptionally good class Jan, you can find more of Jan's inspiring ideas and beautiful craftiness on her blog HERE

Who knows I may even have another UFO to share next week !

and ...........................

1 more sleep until I see my baby girl !!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy weekend

Love and little boxes


Cardio christmas

Good evening

I have been busy with my lovely Majestix stamps by Cardio

I have another christmas card towards my target, I have to be honest and admit to the 'one card a week' not being met, but I definitely have made a much better effort than last year

Four thankyou's to say today

Angela, thankyou for the beautiful bouquet of roses, you are so kind  xxx

Dawn, thankyou so much for the set of stamps, you are so thoughtful and I will love using them xxx

Pat and Ann, thankyou so much for all you have both done to help in the shop and personally too and especially for the giggles this week, you are both angels xxx

and .............

2 sleeps until I see my baby girl - eeeeeeek, so excited

Love and gratefulness


Monday 10 November 2014

If friends were flowers

If friends were flowers, I'd pick you  - Carole !

I made another of these gorgeous Kusudama flower bouquets for my lovely friend Carole

Carole has been through a rough few weeks and I wanted to make something for her to let her know I am always thinking of her even if I am not there

I wrangled out of her that her lounge is in shades of green and cream so made the flowers to co-ordinate

It was an absolute pleasure to make her them as she is always the one thinking of and caring for other people, hope things continue to get better for you Carole, love ya xxx

We have had another busy week at home, we have now completely finished decorating Amy's room, all I need to do now is add some new curtains and I am in the process of altering some photo frames and making some art to put in them

We have also finished the hallway, kitchen, utility room and lounge.

It has been an interesting week, we are painting everywhere white and we have the 'joy' of Bruce, big, black, hairy Bruce, needing to be with us at every moment, he is so loving and sweet it is hard to tell him to go away, so we are painting around him and dealing with stray hairs as we need to. He had that many white spots on him last week he was in danger of looking like a dalmation ( would have made a good halloween costume !)

Talking of Bruce, this is his usual routine when AJ leaves for school, he cheekily steps onto the coffee table and tucks his head under the curtains so he can watch him set off for school, I am sure we had a 'no dogs on the furniture rule' !!!

One last thing before I bid you all goodnight, if any of my local friends haven't yet tried the new Beechwood Farm restaurant on the Europark at Great Coates, we can highly recommend it

Neil and I enjoyed a fantastic carvery, gorgeous tender meat and too many variations of vegetables and side dishes to name, all utterly delish. But unless you actually want to be able to move afterwards I suggest you don't get the largest plate, we were totally stuffed . It was really busy, and the atmosphere was lovely - word has spread fast. All the dishes leaving the kitchen looked fab and really, really generous portion sizes.

Love, friends, flowers and feasts