Wednesday 7 December 2011


This weeks class cards, the final two Christmas themed cards this year.

Next week we will be back to making non christmas cards, next week is also the final week for all classes

And now for something entirely different.

All of you who know me well, know I love my music, especially rock. 
Neil surprised me with tickets this week at the Yardbirds in Grimsby to see a band we have only just recently become aware of. Wow what a gig ! Bonafide definitely made it into my all time top ten, and I have seen many many bands play live.

The band had a lot of fun on stage, just the right amount of playful banter with the crowd and absolutely rocked their hearts out. 

Pontius's voice was amazing.

We met the band and had a chat and a squeeze lol. They were incredibly friendly and patient and spent all the time between sets in the bar with us normal folk, they were so humble and unassuming, and appeared completely unaware of just how brilliant they are.
 Neil took Anita backstage afterwards for some photo ops

One of the support bands was called Silverjet and they were pretty good too, again Anita backstage with the lead singer.

So thankyou to Neil for the tickets and Anita for joining us, last night was definitely one of my best ever nights out and it was all the more special because I got to share it with two of my fave people.

Bonafide - please come to Download in June, Donnington needs YOU !


  1. What a great night!! Even for the fact I was deaf as a post for several hours afterwards!!!
    Nice to see and meet some great bands and such unassuming people. Hope they go far.
    Thanks for a fab night out.

  2. Lovely class cards:)

    So glad you had a great night, loving all the photos, I hope Anita can hear again so she isn't shouting all day. Lol

    Miss you.


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