Tuesday 6 December 2011

Deck the halls

I have a couple of 'Thankyou' cards to share with you this evening

Papers are Melissa Frances, sentiments are by Stampin' Up

Sketch 365 - Day 25

Inspired by MacKenzie Thorpe, I couldn't resist creating a version of this, as we are all Liverpool supporters in our house

Gym diary

Total visits this week - 4

Bike - 3 x 20 mins + 1 x 30 mins = 1 hour 30 mins
Rowing machine - 1x 20 mins + 1 x 10 mins = 30 mins
Treadmill ( max incline) - 1 x 50 mins + 1 x 20 mins + 1 x 30 mins = 1 hour 40 mins
Treadmill (flat) - 1 x 40 mins = 40 mins
Walking (outside) - 2 x 1 hour = 2 hours
Total cardio - 6 hours 20 mins
Weightloss this week - gained 2 lbs

Mood - happy but not elated

Worked hard in all gym sessions but failed to reach my 7 hour cardio target, mainly due to time issues and a heavy schedule outside the gym
Hit target of increased rowing
A couple of slips with the eating and drinking and a failure to keep up with the water intake

I started using the toning plates  with four  10 minute sessions completed this week

Targets for next week

7 hours total cardio
2 litres of water per day
At least one session on the cross trainer
5 toning plate sessions

All three kids are suffering general coughs and colds this week bless them, nothing too serious but enough to make them all sniffly and a little off colour, let's hope the recent cold snap kills off all those nasty bugs and viruses.

We began the yuletide decorations  last night and are gradually beginning to feel festive ( although the merry and bright might have to wait until all the coughs have cleared up !)
The new tree was an event in itself, I had no idea when I bought it that all the branches came separately and had to be inserted into the trunk in a very specific order, thankfully AJ took to the task with a vigor usually only reseved for scooting escapades, had I been left to do it on my lonesome I would still be assembling it now !

Have you started decking the halls yet ?


  1. Hello, lovely cards, fancy you been awake at this hour too!!

    I managed to get to sleep finally!!! Well
    For half an hour and the deaf man in the next room decides to put his tv on:( so here I am wide awake again. Lol.xxx

    So going to ask for another pain free fix and watch monsters Inc:)

    Well done on all your gym visits and getting your tree up:)
    You have to build mine too like that, lol!!
    Mark says he is going to attempt it at the weekend.

    I'm pleased to say all of my nerve pain and cramps have gone at the moment but very battered bruised and sore:(.

    Love ya and miss you lots.


  2. oh wow simply stunning love cheryl x

  3. Lovely cards Tracey.
    Like your drawing today too. Quite like this week's artist.

  4. Absolutely stunning card, Tracey!
    I love all your sketching too, you are very disciplined.
    I am journalling my December but not got anything put together yet, am still frantically beading decorations for my sisters tree & tissue flower wreathes for the base of both our hurricane lamps!! The weeks are running out!!


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