Wednesday 14 December 2011

Angels but no demons

The card I made for Neil's birthday which was yesterday.

I was going to take Neil out for something to eat and maybe a movie but when I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said bring in a KFC to share with the kids and to be home watching a film with us all together. So we bought Super 8 on blue ray and did a detour on the way home from the gym to pick up a bucket of chicken. It's always the simple things in life that give me the most pleasure, so glad we enjoy the same things, love you Neil  happy birthday xxx

All the kids were home and it was lovely to chill out all together, we opened a huge bag of popcorn and a box of choccies and enjoyed a good old fashioned family movie night - bliss !!!

Crafting wise, this week I finished my angels. They were inspired by Laura Dennison who shared the technique on her blog as part of her 12 days of christmas inspiration, you can find her tutorial here if you fancy trying them out for yourself. Thankyou for the inspiration Laura.

I made 7 in total and strung them together with satin ribbon and pearl strands to form a garland for my fireplace, here they are in situ.

Also, I made a second wreath for my mum and dad, I chose slightly different colours for mum's as her living room is a gorgeous soft shade of green.

Also in the last few days we have enjoyed Robbie's band performance as part of his Music AS level. He played electric guitar and did us all proud as he performed a Green Day track in front of an audience at school - proud of you son xxx

Gym Diary

Total visits this week - 5

Bike - 3 x 20 mins = 1 hour
Rowing machine - 2 x 10 mins = 20 mins
Treadmill (max incline) - 2 x 20 mins, 1 x 40 mins, 1 x 45 mins, 1 x 60 mins = 3hrs 5mins
Treadmill flat -  1x 20 mins
Cross trainer - 2 x 10 mins = 20 mins
Walking ( outside) - 1 hours

Total cardio this week = 6 hours 5 mins
Toning plates x 5

Weight loss - 4 lbs lost

Mood - proud


Did really well this week and stepped up the intensity at the gym, resisted several temptations this week food wise and enjoyed some treats without going mad, delighted with weight loss this week.
Was not able to achieve the self set target of 7 hours in the gym this week but realise this is a hard target to reach with all the christmas preparations, school, work and family commitments I have had this week.
Managed two sessions on the cross trainer and did much better with water consumption although still not drinking two litres.

This next week my targets are to maintain at least 6 hours of cardio over the week and to finally achieve the 2 litres of water per day.


  1. Happy belated birthday to Neil.
    Your angels look sp cute I need to make some too after my wreath!! Lol.
    Well done to Robbie for a great performance.

    And last but not least, well done to you for your weight loss, I'm not sure I will be able to see you when I visit on Saturday though!! Lol.

    Missing you, and love ya.

  2. Love your card Tracey, bet Neil did too. Sounds like you had a lovely night out, in.
    Angels look good, well done finishing them.


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