Saturday 10 December 2011

Going round and round in circles

We made this gorgeous wreath in the Stampin' Up class yesterday. 
The design is by YeeTing who guided us through the process of cutting, rolling and gluing 100 squares into cone shapes and adding them to our rings to create this yummy chocolate coloured decoration

I am not going to pretend it is a quick project, it took around 5 hours ( with minimal coffee and bickie breaks)
But we all agreed it was worth the sticky fingers and numb bottoms.

YeeTing hosts regular classes at my shop, this was her last class of this year for me but she will be back in the new year - can't wait ! Details will be posted on my blog and on the shop website nearer the time so keep your eyes peeled if you are up for a little Stampin' Up fun.

On that note I would like to say a massive thankyou to YeeTing for all the classes she has taught this year and for sharing all her talent with us ladies at the shop, thanks hon you are very much appreciated xxx


  1. Love it, can't believe we actually finished this one. It looks lovely on my wall. Thanks to Yeeting.
    Really worth the time it took. Maybe if we spent less time laughing it would have been quicker but not so much fun!! xxx

  2. Tracey this is ace!! You may have to show me how;)

    Miss ya

  3. This is a clever little number I think it looks lovely could do with someone showing me how to make a reef I have loads of holly, you're drawing look great too Tracey. Love Mad x

    Merry Christmas

  4. Awww.... Thank you ladies and Tracey....You are so very kind!!! - It has been an absolute pleasure to teach the classes this year and what a wonderful end with this workshop!!!

    Merry Christmas to you all, Yeeting xxx


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