Saturday 19 November 2011

To Love

Sketch 365 - Day 9

To Love inspired by Kat Von D

Anita pondered how long I was going to keep this sketching lark up. 
Well 9 days straight on any project is an achievement for me.
I officially have the attention span of a goldfish, anyone who knows me will tell you that.
9 days in and still having an inordinate amount of fun.
Not saying I will achieve 365 days.
Suggesting it may be achievable.
Just saying !


  1. Hi! I read you every single post :) Just quick Hi and I would like to wish you very best luck with your project! So far so good! Well done, 9 days is also quite an achievement!

  2. oh just brilliant hun,good luck with it all,hugs cherylxx

  3. Well done on your first 9 days, only another 356 days to go ;)

    Love your sketches.


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