Tuesday 29 November 2011


A card for a friend who could do with a hug right now

I used Melissa Frances papers, Prima alpha stickers and a beautiful crocheted flower by my generous friend Anita

The pennant was created using a Whimsy Die

Next up I have a little sketch catch up

Sketch 365 - Day 18

Shelby inspired by Abigail Halpin

and Sketch 365 - Day 19

Harry inspired by Abigail Halpin

The sketches this week have been much quicker than my last two weeks worth. Abigail's style is far more 'loose' and less detailed, but they are incredibly fun and my book is looking much cuter with a little dash of colour here and there.

Gym diary

Total visits last week  - 3
Bike - 3 x 20 mins = 1 x 25 mins = 1 hour 25 mins
Rowing machine - 1 x 20 mins = 20 mins
Treadmill - 4 x 20 mins (2 % incline) 1 x 20 mins =  20 mins
5 x 20 mins (max incline) = 1 hour 40 mins
Walking ( outside)  - 1 x 1 hour = 1 hours
Total cardio = 4 hours 45 minutes

Weight loss - 5lb 

Mood - Happy -  did reasonably well with eating this week and worked hard at the gym but didn't get quite as many hours of cardio logged as I had hoped

Goals for this week - increase rowing ( increased length of session but only rowed once last week), achieve 7 hours cardio,  and 2 lb weight loss

I have been eating healthier since August and have lost a total of 2 stones and 1lb to date
The exercise has helped me break through a recent plateau and has increased my energy levels
The tape measure is now showing decent losses with 5 inches banished  from my waist.

I aim to stay strictly on plan until christmas week and would love to be under 11 stone for christmas, and I will reward myself with copious amounts of mince pies and choccies ... nom nom.


  1. oh hun well done on your weight loss that is brilliant keep it up hun,and as for your card hun wow its stunning and will be gratefully recieved thats for sure and just love those drawings,brilliant hugs cheyrlxxxxx

  2. I love the card and sketches:)

    Well done on the 5lb loss:) I think you may have lost 1.5lb for me too;) thank you.

    See you soon.xxx

  3. Beautiful card and love the sketches. :)

  4. Hi tracy
    I so admire this lovely card and have loved seeing your sketches. I sooooo wish I could draw! what a lovely skill to possess. Sorry I couldn't pop in from Claxby at the weekend, I did miss visiting, maybe next time
    x michelle

  5. Gorgeous card Tracey. Lovely colours.
    Cute drawings too, just off to check out the inspiration. xxx


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