Thursday 24 November 2011

Happy birthday sis

Happy birthday Helen xxx

This is the card I made for my baby sister, I really wanted to use my favourite alpha stamps on this card.

This card is an unusual size for me, I created it in the 8x8 inch format, sometimes it is a healthy challenge to break out of the 'same old same old' routine

The fancy ribbon idea is one that has been shared by YeeTing and Linda on their Stampin' Up cards, thankyou for the inspiration ladies, I enjoyed creating the variation of a bow.

This card formed the basis of my DT post for the IACW inspiration blog today, you can see the entire post and a couple of other ideas for letter stamps HERE

Sketch 365 - Day 14

Love hurts inspired by Kat Von D

This is the last sketch I will do with Kat as my inspiration, tomorrow will see me move on and garner inspiration from another artist. One of the most enjoyable parts of this self-set challenge has been researching all the varying forms of art and artists, my book will eventually hold inspiration from 52 sources, the journey of exploration is truly exciting for me. So, who will be next ........... hmmmmmm............... I will reveal all tomorrow.

Before I bid you goodnight I will leave you with this photo I took from my back garden this morning. It was pitch black for a good hour or so as I sat and made a couple of cards, when I turned round to wave Rob off as he set out on his paper round,  I was greeted with the most gorgeous jewel coloured sky, deep bruises of purple and magenta gave way to cerise and ruby before the rising sun eventually drained all the luscious hues away. Sometimes an extra early rising provides more than just a head start on the day !


  1. Gorgeous card for your sister. I love those stamps!!!
    Great sketch too:)

    I really don't know how you go to bed so late then get up sooo early. But it was worth it to see the sunrise.

    Love ya.

  2. Stupid phone!!! Put Nicki twice


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