Monday 21 November 2011

Be Seated

Sketch 365 - Day 12

Be Seated inspired by Kat Von D

I enjoyed a lovely visit with my friend Nicki today. Nicki has been suffering with a really bad back for a long, long time now and has just been told she will require surgery next month to correct a disc problem. Poor thing ! It is awful to see someone you love in so much pain, get well soon Nicki we miss you and your lovely smile.
Thankyou to Anita who took me there and brought me home again.

Gym diary

Total visits last week  - 5
Bike - 5 x 20 mins = 1hour 40 mins
Rowing machine - 2 x 15 mins = 30 mins
Cross Trainer - 2 x 10 mins = 20 mins
Treadmill - 4 x 20 mins (2 % incline) = 1 hour 20 mins
3 x 20 mins (max incline) = 1 hour
Walking ( outside)  - 2 x 1 hour = 2 hours
Total cardio = 6 hours 50 minutes

Weight loss - 1lb gain ( bad bad bad week  - 3 date nights)

Mood - Disappointed (eating) but happy with exercise levels

Goals for this week - increase rowing, achieve 7 hours cardio,  and 2 lb weight loss

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  1. Lovely picture, I lurve all the flowers.
    Thank you for your visit it was great to see you and Anita, I will be up and pole dancing before you know it;) ( asif I will) lol!!

    Well done on allyour hard work at the gym, I am a tiny bit jealous!!

    Just remember muscle weighs more than fat, and you will be toning your body, but probably still loosing inches, I usually measure myself with a tape measure once a week when at the gym and you will see you are still loosing inches.

    Love ya,


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