Thursday 17 November 2011

Love grows

Sketch 365 - Day 8

Love grows inspired by Kat Von D

Aside from completing my little sketch today I have accompanied Neil on a little trip to pick up Rob's birthday gift from Hull. We have bought him a new electric guitar, we got an absolute bargain, so although it is not his birthday til february we decided it wasn't an opportunity we could miss.

My scrapbook pages are complete and written up for class this week and I managed my fourth gym session of the week.

The gym is going well, this is my third week and I am settling in to a routine now, I am managing around an hour on the cardio machines with each visit and have been steadily building up the intensity with each workout. Once I have reached my target weight I am going to return to a little light weight training alongside the cardio, it was always the weight training I enjoyed before, the cardio I always find to be a complete slog, but after over three years of relative inactivity it is all uphill at the moment !
As of next week I am going to document each weeks progress on here so I have some kind of record, so please feel free to skip those parts when they do appear on here.

I have also ordered four A4 moleskines for myself and three special friends, Margaret, Nicki and Anita. We are all going to join in Kate Cranes art journalled calendar next year so we are getting prepared. I am already saving lots of scraps to use as the daily squares and practising background techniques, so excited and it is going to be so much fun sharing the experience with three of my closest friends. 


  1. love looking at your drawings..keep up the good work at the gym, you are looking good. cant wait to get started on our journalled calendar,its going to be

  2. Love your sketch again:)
    If you carry on at the gym I won't recognise you when I see you;) keep at it. And do some for me while you are there.

    Looking forward to the calendar book too.

  3. Hiya Tracey, sounds like you're getting there with the fitness thing..wish I had a bit of your will power :) You'll have so much fun with the art calendar and its a great way of keeping a snapshot view of your daily life in an arty way!


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