Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tinsel and Turkey tuesday

One of my good intentions last year was to make one christmas card a week

I started off well

I made four in January

I made no more until December !!!

As the kids would say - epic fail !

I have the same good intentions for this year, 

Neil has promised to make me do forfeits if I slip

Unfortunately I already have one forfeit as I missed the first week

Well, even if I make just five cards this year it will be better than last year

So watch this space - if no christmas cards appear on a tuesday you can rest assured Neil will be rubbing his hands ( insert evil laugh here !)

Love and holly leaves


  1. cant wait to hear what forfeits Neil has in store for you.xx

  2. Forfeits eh!! Do NOT let my OHhear of this! Seems to have worked a treat though, this is a beautiful card, love the hat pins


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