Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday catch up

Good evening 

I used to use my blog for documenting all the small things as well as the more momentous happenings in my day to day life

Somehow the smaller things ended up getting less and less and then they disappeared ( not from my life I hasten to add - just from my blog)

The blog became just a portal for my crafty happenings

And that's a shame ( especially with a memory as shoddy as mine)

So, as of today I will be doing a regular catch up on a saturday of the little moments that have made up my week

So aside from work, and family and all the usual humdrum housework etc I have completed a jigsaw puzzle

I used to do lots of puzzles when I was younger and had forgotten just how relaxing they are (well until you realise you have been sat in the same position for an hour and you have a stiff neck along with a cramp because you have been sat cross-legged and motionless for longer than when you were five years old at primary school !)

This one was given to me by my lovely friend Nicki - thanks hon and is by Gibsons, it is called I love London and is a design by Mike Jupp. There are so many little comical happenings in this scene that it is hard not to chuckle when you are putting pieces in their place.

I have also read this book this week

It was a freebie on the iTunes 12 days of gifts app over christmas

I am not generally one for romances ( not of the literary type - wink wink), but after a slow start and a couple of moments thinking "what on earth am I doing reading this twaddle", I actually ended up wondering ( and caring I might add) what was going to happen to Lily and then desperate to find out what decision she made in the end. So, Paige Toon and her pleasant little modern day romantic novel became a lovely light reading interlude between my usual thriller or autobiography choices.

And before I bid you goodnight and begin a little crafting project I have in my head, I have a crafting project to share from just before christmas

I use the term "crafting" loosely

Here is the key to our car, which disintegrated just before christmas

And as luck would have it, here is the spare key which disintegrated in exactly the same week - seriously not a fun or happy coincidence

Now I have no idea whether any of you have had the misfortune of breaking your ignition keys but we have never had this happen before

Apparently they can not be repaired at a normal key cutting service as they have special magic chips in

And as we all know ( or we do know) those special magic chips have within their powers the ability to make normal, sensible people momentarily lose their ability to close their mouths, I kid you not!

Let me explain as succinctly as possible

Key breaks
Key owner goes to get key fixed
Key owner is informed it will be £140
£140 !!!!!!!!!
And that is £140 ... PER KEY !!!!
Key owner stands gaping, mouth open, jaw almost on floor
Key owner laughs gently and slightly nervously - "you must be kidding" she exclaims
Nope they were not kidding
Key owner did not stay to hear past "well we need a special machine, it has a special chip in it yadda yadda yadda"

Neil decided to resort to our best friend
Mr Google 
Mr Google who is generally honest, reliable, cheap and always there when you need him
Mr Goggle informed us we needed Sugru

So, here is what I did with the keys, the one on the left is Neil's  - awwwwww
And the one on the right is the spare one that his mum keeps

And was my bill anywhere near the £280 I would have had to pay at either the dealership or the specialist key place ?

Nope !!! It cost us a measly £12 and I had so much fun doing it.
And both keys are fully functioning - go me !!!

Love and rubber

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  1. A very good read. I like doing jigsaws but never seem to have the time. Look forward to next Saturdays little moments. xx


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