Monday, 13 January 2014

Happiness is like jam ...

Good evening

Tonight I have a little project to share which I have seen around pinterest and various other crafting sites and one which was recently reminded to me by my good friend Carole.

Carole made herself a happiness jar and I thought it would be a lovely idea for me and the girls at the shop to join in and make our very own happiness jars

I made a matching little notebook - the idea of the jars, is to write down all the good things that happen throughout your year on a little slip of paper, on new years eve after a year of collecting these little notes, you remove them from your jar, all the little prompts reminding you of all the things that made you smile

So I made the notebook so I always have a slip of paper to note down my happy thoughts

I added a favourite quote to the lid of my jar - I used a medium sized Kilner jar

And another quote to the front which I thought was particularly apt as the jar is of the jam variety !

And this is the back

And finally my matching little notebook

Who else is joining Carole and I with happy jars ?

Love and happy thoughts

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