Sunday, 5 January 2014

Christmas catch up

Happy New Year

Just like every other crafter in the country, Christmas came and went in a blur.

 Hours disappeared in the blink of an eye, 

mince pies and a little tot or two of rum fuelled my crafting sessions, 

cards were made, gifts were wrapped

chocolates were scoffed

and all the other usual stuff got done too - eventually !

But I apologise, I was having far too much fun to blog it

So here is a little catch up of some of the cards I created this year

I made many, many more but for varying reasons they didn't get photographed, mainly bad light, and the fact that I was last minute dot com as always

Anyway, onwards and upwards

No resolutions from me this year as I totally suck at keeping them


I do have goals ( not of the "22 silly men in nylon shorts chasing a football kind of way")

The kind that might encourage me to actually finish a project or two

More to come on that subject in later posts

Love and good intentions

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