Saturday, 18 January 2014

Saturday Catch up

Good evening

Well it's been a mixed bag this week, lots of highs and a low

The low being that my youngest has had his most recent results back from his consultant, it does indeed look like he is a Coeliac, this is slightly different to gluten intolerance, as Coeliac disease is actually an auto immune disease.

We still have to take him to a specialist unit  ( Sheffield) and he will have to undertake further tests before all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed,  we have been instructed not to change his diet until he has had the next batch of tests.

AJ took it all in his stride, he only seemed a little perturbed at the Sheffield bit ( Sheffield didn't seem that bad last time I visited ), but once he was reassured that he would indeed come home and he wouldn't be going alone he seemed ok, he ended the conversation with "what's for pudding mum?" - nothing new there then !

So that leads me into a little ask

Have any of my lovely blog friends got some fabulous recipes ( tried and tested if possible please) or links to sites that have, I need to get practising and perfecting

I am currently madly collecting sites for both help and advice, also recipes etc, but it is all going to be a learning curve and I know this is not rare so I am sure there are some of my lovely readers with help and information

So, there was an initial wobble (and a few tears)  after receiving the news,
a big mummy hug - thanks mum, 
lots of positive stories - thanks Pat B and Carole L
and lots of kind words from friends and family
all made a massive difference, thankyou everyone

So apologies for being a little distracted this week

I knew my mind was on other things when I was going for my bus the other day.

 I had a letter to post and had passed the letter box by a couple of hundred yards when I realised the letter in my hand really did need to go in the little red box today

Rather than turn round and walk back ( admitting to the lady behind me and the guy over the road that I had indeed lost my marbles and had blatantly walked past the letter box with letter firmly in hand), I actually reached inside my bag ( with free hand), stopped and pretended to read a text, pondered the details of the very important ( non-existent) text and then slowly turned around and began walking back towards the post box

I very casually ( still engrossed in non existent text) deposited said forgotten letter in box, before nonchalantly turning back to the direction I was originally intended

Was I fooling anyone with my shenanigans ?

I doubt it very much

I doubt either party were even aware of my existence let alone my discomfort at suddenly realising I had become as forgetful as one of my grandparents, one of my grandparents who regularly walked into a room before scratching their head ( or chin in my grandad's case) before exclaiming "now what was I looking for"

And why is it that once you return to your starting place you remember what it was you were looking for but had you stopped in the room you were heading and tried to remember it would never come to you ?

Love and lost marbles

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  1. So sorry to hear of AJ's diagnosis. Hope all goes as well as poss in Sheffield. Thinking of you all


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