Sunday 15 January 2012

Postcard number two - Spain

Darcy's postcard challenge takes us to Spain this week

I cannot explain how this challenge has taken me to the very outrance of my creativity, I am so enjoying the art AND the writing side of the challenge. My teachers always urged me to take sensible subjects ie maths, economics and english to 'A' level as I had good grades and an aptitude for the more academic qualifications, but, I think, deep down, my arty side has always been screaming to be unleashed, the beauty of this challenge is that it allows me to utilise both sides of my personality.

Here is my 'Espanol' inspired postcard

My base is an actual postcard, bought from T.K.Maxx this week ( love that shop) I bought a little book of 20 fantastic quality postcards, they are all decorated with really pretty fairy images, but, I have used them as a base. I have mainly covered up the images but left the outside showing and used the colours as inspiration for my finished piece.

I used lots of Spanish ephemera, all inked with Vintage photo distress ink. I created the ornate frame by embossing chipboard with gold patina embossing powder.

And here is the back of the card with the second instalment of the story, please don't strain your eyes I have typed out the writing below this next photo.

Kathy's message to Sammy reads :

Your letter arrived and I have placed it into my safe. It looked very official !
The cottage is fine and all the plants are watered.
I hope you don't mind but I took it upon myself to dig out a new flower bed.

I travelled a lot when younger, I guess I was really trying to run away, but as you know, travel is impossible now.
I dug out some bits and bobs from my very last journey, I hope you like my Spanish inspired card!

Please stay safe sweetie and don't work too hard (Carlton is a slave driver !)
Do you know where you are next ?

Oh and I nearly forgot, a rather persistent gentleman keeps calling for you but won't leave his name or a message - very odd !
Take care
Love Kathy

Only one of my characters is travelling ( you will discover why Sammy's neighbour and friend, Kathy, can't, later in the story) so I had to weave in a way to explain the second set of postcards. Carlton - Sammy's boss is introduced this time and we have a mysterious guy trying to track Sammy down.

 I wanted Kathy and Sammy's postcards to be different so am using two separate ways to make them, I am also using different styles of handwriting to reinforce their personalities. Sammy's handwriting is loose and free flowing, she is a free spirit and generally happy-go-lucky with a good sense of humour, so her writing will hopefully convey that.

Kathy on the other hand is older, wiser and more considered in her writing. She is precise and suffers from OCD among other things, she cares deeply about Sammy and her well being and is trying to look out for her young friend and neighbour.

Here is the original postcard I used as the base.

As my desinence today I will leave you with this famous Spanish quote
Art is a lie that makes us realise truth - Pablo Picasso



  1. gorgeous Tracey, love the colours of the original card, works so well under the spanish elements. Love all the 3D touchy feely stuff.

  2. I have to agree with Darcy! Gorgeous collage. The mixture of texture and color is yummy..

  3. Fantastic post Tracey. You have done a wonderful job with both your collaged postcard(love the black lace), and your story :D XXX

  4. love the colours that you have used - great card x

  5. I love it!!
    Loving your story too.

    See you soon,

  6. fabulous work, thanks for your visit to see mine,

    your story is very interesting and the post card is lovely, I like the reusing of the postcards, no waste, super,


  7. This story is going to be very interesting as it unfolds, I am trying to use different looking handwriting on my postcards as well and I love your explanation. What a gorgeous postcard, though, very clever to use your existing postcard as the base and allowing the bits that support your location to shine through. The elements you have here definitely evoke the feeling of Spain, really wonderful.

  8. Lovely with the lace and ephemera. I would have had great difficulty covering that lovely fairy. You obviously have put a lot of creativity into this story.

  9. another great card Tracey.beautiful as ever..interesting storyline..oooh cant wait for the story to unfold.xxxx

  10. another great postcard Tracey and I'm loving your story ! Those PC's from TK Maxx are very pretty, don't think I could bring myself to cover them up. Thanks for your encouragement, I'm finding the challenge very hard, particularly the story telling as I'm not an imaginative person but I intend to keep trying !!!!


  11. Beautiful, love both the art and the story
    jan x

  12. Beautiful on the detail on it! Intriguing story...I look forward to see it unfold!

  13. I adore your card, the addition of lace and materials is wonderful. Your story is so interesting, looking forward to where it goes. Thanks for your comments. Caz

  14. This is utterly STUNNING, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

  15. really like the addition of lace=lovely

  16. lovely collage elements and wonderful story. Great idea for using the colors of the cards as inspiration. I also hadn't thought about the different handwriting. so totally important. I'll have to consider this for future notes.

  17. What a wonderful story already... Looking forward to next week! :)
    You made an already pretty card even better. I don't think I could have done that...

  18. love love love the way you've done this card Tracey, an official letter too, the plot thickens cant wait till next time :)

  19. Superb artwork, and the storyline is very intriguing! You made a very good job of covering over the fairies.

    Janet xx

  20. Love all the layers and the lace.
    Jen x

  21. Very lovely!!! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  22. Your Postcard is just beautiful, lots of lovely elements..and intriguing story - wonder who the gentleman caller is..? Esther xx

  23. you certainly have found your art expression! story, colors and collage are great.

  24. Beautiful card, great texture and colours, the story is getting interesting! M


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