Friday 20 January 2012

Postcard challenge, week 3 - Brazil

This week Darcy led us to Brazil with our postcard challenge

Aside from football, coffee and carnivals, I didn't really know much about Brazil, so, I turned to the oracle that is Karl Pilkington and An Idiot Abroad for inspiration. I recalled he had travelled to Brazil as part of his 7 wonders series and I thought it might be cool to incorporate a wonder into my postcards.

Christ the Redeemer

I sketched out Christ with a graphite pencil directly onto my postcard, did all the shading with the same pencil and then added a really simple background so as to not detract from the main image. The sky was watercolour crayons, the clouds and mountainside were acrylic paint. The title was added with a Pitt Artist journalling pen and highlighted with a white gelly roll pen.

The back of my postcard reads :

Dear Kathy

What did you mean when you referred to running away ? I know so little of your youth !
I won't make it home for a while so please forward the documents to Carlton's. I am hoping they hold information regarding my parents.
Do you like my latest sketch ? The view from here is breathtaking, so peaceful and a direct contrast to the mania below.

I don't have a clue who the man is, I hope he isn't bothering you !
Thankyou for tending the garden, you have always been so kind to me.
Boa Noite
Sammy xxx

I decided that as well as the handwriting being different on each set of cards I would also create them in completely different styles. Sammy's are all going to incorporate a hand-drawn element, she will draw something each week, inspired by the country of her placement. Kathy's, on the other hand, will be much more 3D, she is not the one travelling, so she will be delving into her keepsake box each week to make her cards.

I aim to develop their personalities, which will help give clues to the twist at the end of the story and I plan to weave in additional characters and sub plots.

It is a little scary how deucedly fun I am finding the two personalities part ! Maybe we all have multiple personalities lurking beneath the surface !

Massive thanks to Darcy again this week xxx


  1. Brilliant. Love the fact you took a TV comedy programme for your inspiration, big chin and all.
    Well done for getting it done for the first day.

  2. stunning sketch, love the shading, your 365 sketches have certainly paid off here. The background is perfect, love the delicate clouds. So glad you are having fun.

  3. I love your postcard, you are very good at this challenge. I really need to learn to draw lol.

  4. Another lovely card. your drawings are brilliant, a very talented lady..some really good stories out there, yours included. a few "best sellers" lol have fun.xx

  5. I'm loving the story element of my cards too. They are telling me their story themselves so I am very excited to find out where it goes.

    This is a great sketch of the Christ statue.

    You did make me laugh with the Karl Pilkington comment!!

  6. I studied that statue from many different directions. Nice sketch.

  7. Love Karl. He is a great person to turn to for help!

    The card is great. Your story is so well thought out I look forward to seeing how it will develop

    I love the idea of one person staying at home.

    I'd decided to do it as alternative but I'm still not sure who my people are and where they are going

    Regretting doing to writing part yet but we live and learn

    I'm away for 2 weeks and excited to come back and see what's been going on.

  8. The development of the two personalities and styles is wonderful. By the end of the year we will really "know" these characters!

  9. Love your sketch. You've really created the density of the sculpture. So interesting, I was watching CSI Miami tonight and Horatio and Delco went to Brazil and there were several scenes around this sculpture of Christ. It is really massive. Also love how your characters are developing and your take on them.

  10. Stunning image on your postcard Tracey, the cleanness of the piece is breathtaking, and I can feel the clouds skimming passed.
    your story is coming on beautifully too :D XXX

  11. fantastic rendition of the cristo redentor, it is beautifully done


  12. Stunning work tracey. Your sketching and shading skills are stunning. C xxx

  13. You made a beautiful drawing!!! ♥
    i started sketching him but it looked like nothing and I gave up... Glad I did since yours is so good! :)

  14. Super drawing of the statue - I did the statue too, but not like yours! That's what I love about this challenge - same inspiration, different interpretation.

  15. Fabulous drawing. You have certainly got a challenge going here with two completely different people and styles - AND - you seem to know where it is going too!

    Janet xx

  16. Wonderful postcard! I love your drawing. :)

  17. Love the sketch on your postcard, amazing... I too am really enjoying developing my two characters and am also trying to have a slightly different style for each...great fun. Love the intrigue in your story..Esther xx

  18. I wish I could draw! your card is amazing x

  19. Ooooh I love an Idiote abroad so wished I had watched that one to know a little more about Brazil! Great drawing.

  20. Fabulous sketch, the two personalities is interesting.
    Jen x

  21. Amazing image Tracey.....its wonderful. Well done. x

  22. Love your postcard! I chose this statue too! yours is much better drawn than mine though!

  23. Love your card, beautiful artwork and lovely subtle colours. M

  24. well done on the drawing & I bet the view is breath taking just thinking about it sucks all the are from my lungs. lol

  25. I suspect many of us are enjoying working with the two personalities as well as the art. Your artwork on this card is gorgeous.

  26. Your sketch is amazing. Delightful to follow you. Caz


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