Sunday 8 January 2012

Darcy's postcard challenge

Darcy's Postcard Challenge

Here is my first postcard for Darcy's fantastic new challenge, you can check out what we are all up to HERE, there is also a permanent link in my sidebar

This weeks country was Austria

The front of my postcard is decorated with a vintage map of Austria and a hand drawn Edelweiss flower , you might remember the flower from a post a couple of days back, I incorporated it into my sketch 365 project. The flower was drawn in pencil and then painted in distress inks. I added three little strips of ribbon in national colours to represent the Austrian flag.

And the back of my postcard

The postcard reads :

Dear Kathy

The paperwork I have been desperately seeking is being delivered tomorrow, could you please sign for it and keep it safe.
I will try and get home between conferences.
The Baroque architecture of Salzburg is bewitching - sadly the boardroom is not !
Please reply through the office as I should get a stopover in London next week.
P.S Don't forget to mist the fern

Kathy is housesitting for her neighbour Sammy who is a PA for a jet-setting entrepreneur.

Kathy is a kind but reclusive lady who has lived next to Sammy for as long as Sammy can remember.

Sammy is an adventurous, sweet natured girl who until recently had been living with an elderly couple whom she believed to be her parents, when both sadly passed away Sammy learned she was in fact adopted. Her world was turned upside down and she felt she no longer had roots in the cottage she had always called home. Driven by a desire to be anywhere but where she had been brought up in a lie, and with a deep yearning to know who had given her up and why, she took a job that would take her far away from all the unanswered questions.

My story will unfold as Sammy shares her travels and discoveries with her trusted neighbour and friend Kathy. 

I can't believe we are all taking part in such an amazing challenge AND writing a story as we go. I have never ever taken part in such an inspiring and unusual challenge. I am also lucky to be sharing this journey with Anita, Nicki and Margaret who have also completed their first postcards.

Thankyou so much Darcy, I cannot even begin to imagine how hard you are working to make this challenge the massive success it already is, this is going to be one AMAZING year long journey !

Next I have my sketches from this week

Sketch 365

This was from thursday, I am working with MacKenzie Thorpe as my inspiration, I didn't share this on thursday as I was waiting for the paint to dry, as you can see the poppies were all important, this sketch really did need the colour !

Fridays sketch was the Edelweiss for my postcard (at the top of this post)

Saturdays sketch is the final Mackenzie Thorpe, I have fallen in love with his little hooded character who always seems to have a huge heart with him.

And the next artist I am using as my inspiration is a guy called Brian Froud, who does the most amazing Fairies and Goblins

So here is the first of seven, todays sketch Sneezewort.

No sketches for a few days and then I hit you with a pencil profligacy. I think this format may suit me a little better, I may combine the sketches and upload several at a time in order to free up blog posts purely for crafting.

I enjoyed a lovely walk to grandads this morning, the weather was really mild, the sun was warm on my back and about half an hour into the walk I was offered a lift from a very kind youth who obviously thought I had missed the bus and didn't realise I was actually walking for the sheer pleasure of it. Yes a young lad with a hoodie and very polite he was too, not all teenagers are trouble being the proud owner of two so I should know lol.

After grandads I enjoyed lunch with mum and dad and a really good chinwag with mum who I don't see nearly as much as I used to or as much as I would like to.

I also had a few minutes with Anita who bought me a lovely surprise, the next instalment of Sabine's notebook ( Darcy's inspiration for the postcard challenge) thanks hon xxx

Tomorrow we get to find out our next country for our postcards - can't wait !


  1. Gorgeous card Tracey, beautiful flower, and a lovely start to your story. i have followed your example and i am doing a sketch a day, though not really enjoying them as i draw so slowly sketches usually take me a couple of days haha This week i am doing rosina wachmeister.

  2. Oooohhh!! I love your postcard:0) I'm looking forward to reading your story unfold. This is a brilliant challenge.
    We are going to have so much fun.

    Love ya,

  3. a beautiful postcard, love your flowers, and your story going to be sooo interesting,cant wait to see what is going to happen

  4. Beautiful postcard, but then your work always is! May "borrow" the ribbon idea though! x

  5. Brilliant!!! Can't wait for the systematic exposition of your tale, lol.
    How cute is sneezeworth he's ace, like a little troll.

  6. The distress inks were perfect for the flower and go perfect with the background. Love Sneezewort!

  7. love how the colors in the map compliment the beautiful flowers. also love the stapled flag. looking forward to reading more about sammy and kathy

  8. love the "dont forget to mist the fern" comment added at the bottom, its cute :)

    Beautiful postcard, the vintage map is fantastic, gorgeous artwork on the flower too.

    Really looking forward to seeing how your story develops, what papers? hmmm very exciting :)

  9. Gorgeous postcard and great start to your story!

  10. I LOVE your postcard - it's so pretty :-) And I'm also taken with your Froud inspired Fairy. He's very cute.

  11. Postcard looks fantastic! And I'm looking forward to read the story. :)

  12. Gorgeous post yet another totally different storyline...this is a fabulous challenge to be part of :D Don't think Iv'e read so much classy literature in one weekend before lol :D XXX

  13. Absolutely gorgeous Tracey - I love the ribbon for the flag too! Great story too - i can imagine your character having some real discoveries to make.

  14. One of the best things about this postcard challenge, is the opportunity to find wonderful blogs such as yours! I'm impressed with how well thought out your story is. I haven't much of a clue where mine is headed. I think the ribbon on your card is the perfect touch. While I'm here, it was a great bonus to see your sketches, they are quite wonderful and I'm looking forwarded to visited often over the year and see what else you get up to! Best!

  15. Hi Tracey, when I saw your edelweiss sketch the other day I did wonder ? your postcard is beautiful and I love your storyline. Everyone in this challenge is so supportive ,what a lovely bunch of bloggers ! Thanks for your lovely comments.


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  17. Sorry I must have clicked twice, anyhow I forgot to say I love the Sneezewort sketch, don't know the artist, must look him up

  18. Great postcard (love the sketches to, Mackenzie Thorpe do do nice ones and like the goblin think of seen some of his around......)

  19. Tracey your drawing(s) are just so great. This postcard is a delight in itself. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work this year! *smiles* Norma

  20. Loving your postcard idea - it's brilliant, it will be interesting indeed to see how your idea develops. Your sketches are fab too.

  21. Love your post card! (and your other artwork!)
    Really looking forward to the rest of your story!

  22. Totally love your post card and what a fantastic idea .... am off to check out the challenge!
    You are such a talented lady Tracy, your paintings/ sketches are amazing
    x Michelle

  23. Just had to comment on this Tracy, the postcard is lovely and what a fantastic challenge to take part in
    Shar x

  24. The postcard is lovely! Beautiful artwork!


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