Wednesday 11 January 2012

Journals and jollies

First up I have my pages for the circle journal I am participating in

The pages and tag have been created for Becca and with her own tastes in mind, hence the bolder colours than I usually use.

And the rear of the tag including my own details so as Becca knows who has created the pages

I am enjoying this journal far more that I thought I would and have come to the conclusion that the project has elevetated itself to an almost heterotelic level, it has become far more than just a swapping of artist endeavours and 10 friendships  have been made and deepened with each month.

This week the shop is back to normal and classes are back into their usual routine, here are the two cards I taught tuesday and wednesday

We used Copics to highlight a portion of the embossing folder on this first card

And we did a little masking on the die-cut doily on this second card

Our sale on saturday was a resounding success, i am verily verified in saying that as you can see from the photos ( pardon the paregmenon)

Approximately one third of all the paper trays have been left bereft of their contents.

As you can see lots of empty spaces - which can mean only one thing - lots of lovely new strokable stash winging its way to fill those empty and rather sorry looking trays !

Finally before I bid you goodnight to complete my sketch for today. 

I would just like to let my regular customers know that february is going to be an extra special month. 

It is three years since I bought the shop and february marks the anniversary of our opening. 

It has been suggested several times that it is an occasion worth celebrating and at first I began to to expostulate, but I finally came around to the idea and have to admit I agree. 

Thinking about it, in this current climate with all the difficulties it entails I think Running With Scissors has a lot to celebrate, we are still here after several setbacks and some pretty awkward economic times, so, as a massive thankyou to everyone who has contributed to the success of the shop we will be launching some fabulous new product lines and lots of promotions, bargains and events throughout february - for the whole month !

 All news will be placed on the RWS website and I will also update here.


  1. Well done you, lots of lovely words. Can't wait to see your completed journal when it arrives back.
    Right, I'm off to check out

  2. Love your journal pages and tag. Your cards are lovely also.

  3. You've been very creative, your journal pages are fabulous.


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