Friday 27 February 2015

The boy turns 15

Hello readers

At certain times we are forced to stop and take stock

Not forced to, like our mothers grabbing us by the back of our dresses when we were running far too fast through the living room, whistling past her favourite ornament

But forced to stop by a momentary thought, to pause and reflect, think back to a point in time that maybe changed our lives in some significant or maybe even insignificant manner

My baby boy, the youngest in our little family, AJ, this week turned 15

And yes, remembering 25th February 2000 caused me to take a break from manic form filling, loft emptying, cupboard thinning and generally looking busy but not really getting anywhere

AJ's arrival was definitely of the significant category, and I couldn't be prouder of the young man he is growing into

Here is the card I made for him 

I used dies to cut the stars (sorry can't remember which brand)
The stamps are both by Stampin' Up, as is the silver glitter paper

AJ recently had his check up with the paediatrician regarding his Coeliac disease and his gluten free diet

As a matter of course his height and weight are checked and we were delighted with the results, AJ has grown over three inches in the last year and now stands a very proud 6'2" and his weight has increased from a very low 7st to a much healthier 9st 4lb. He is still incredibly thin but the gain is a clear indicator that his body is now absorbing essential nutrients that had been restricted by his coeliac disease when his stomach was damaged before diagnosis

The improved absorption, indicates that his stomach has healed and his diet is working well, as long as he remains strict with his eating he will continue to improve and flourish ( I am wondering just how tall he is going to end up now his body is receiving and utilising all his food properly !!!)

I have often read about the healing power of animals, but am not foolish enough to think that this alone is enough, that being said, I do believe that this little lady has helped  immeasurably with AJ's well being

Sox came to us as a 2 year old and had been reared as a house cat, she resides mostly in AJ's command centre ( also commonly known as his bedroom)

Sox loves AJ above all else ( except maybe Whiskers salmon nibbles)

And AJ loves Sox above all else ( except maybe his macbook and Daim bars)

Love and kitty kisses


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