Monday 23 February 2015

Devon and Cornwall 2015


As promised I am back with the photos from out recent little trip away, please feel free to skip if you are here solely for crafting inspiration

As most of you are now aware, our house has sold, within a couple of weeks of going on the market and we were delighted to get full asking price, the buyers only stipulation was that they could have vacant possession within four to five weeks

Soooooooo as we madly run around like headless chickens, blue arsed flies and all other manic, going - around  - in - circles creatures you can think of we decided we really needed to find somewhere to live

For a very long time it has been our dream to retire to the south coast, preferably Devon or Cornwall, we just didn't think we would both be retiring in our forties instead of our sixties

The big man upstairs definitely works in mysterious ways, but as granny often said "everything happens for a reason"

We booked a couple of days in Okehampton for the Devon leg of our expedition, and the first stop on our mini tour was Brixham

The harbour was very pretty and we had a glorious day full of sunshine, a pantomime dame took a shine to Neil and AJ - I steered well clear as she reminded me of a clown !
We were booked in to see a property but it didn't live up to the very artistic photos on the sales credentials, and although we liked Brixham for a day out, it wasn't a place we felt would be a forever home

Next up was a sleepy little harbour town called Combe Martin, which boasts the longest street in the country, the house we looked at was on said street and was a strong contender, but, we felt being on a main road would have distinct disadvantages, especially in the tourist season

The beach was small but perfectly formed - now! Apparently it had to be replaced after last years storms washed the entire beach and all it's sand away

We liked Combe Martin, it was very quaint, the locals were all lovely and the local pub did an amazing array of food at very reasonable prices with a really good gluten free selection - if you are ever in the area I urge you to try the Pack O Cards, they were especially accommodating to AJ, who was even offered Gluten Free apple pie and home made eggy custard - yummmmm 

Next up was Ilfracombe

This is where Bruce had his first foray into the sea water and ........LOVED it, Neil and AJ played with him for ages and he dived in and out of the surf after thrown rocks and sticks

Again no luck with the houses here but a lovely day out regardless and we will definitely be coming back to explore this lovely town a little more

We left our lodgings in Okehampton and crossed the border into Cornwall, we were booked to stay in a villa at Millendreath, just a mile and a half away from Looe, it humoured us to travel each day through a tiny village called No Man's Land

We had three properties to view in Looe

Looking towards East Looe across the bridge, we adored this gorgeous town but alas none of the properties were suitable, we also decided this was much more a 'day out' rather than a 'to live' place

The boy and I ( notice that my fourteen year old now makes me look like a midget, at 5"9' I seldom feel short, but, out with the three men in my life, I definitely feel vertically challenged !

By the way Beryl, that scarf never came off - it was so cosy - thankyou xxx

We then ventured to the very charming Charlestown and this is where we found our favourite house, we have put in an offer but the vendors have concerns about finding somewhere as they haven't looked yet !!!! so we are not going to hold our breaths but please keep everything crossed as we love this little house, if it all comes to fruition I will share details, but don't want to tempt fate just yet

The spotless beaches and rugged coastlines make my heart sing and I cannot imagine not living near the sea, we were all mesmerised by the rhythmic lapping of waves, seagull calls and smell of ozone

After each days house hunting, we retreated back to our lovely villa overlooking Black Rock Beach, this view greeted us warmly each morning as we awoke to the sound of nature only

The final two places we wanted to visit, not necessarily to house hunt, more just to do the touristy thing were Polperro

and finally Mevagissey

We had an amazing time away, we travelled miles and miles and we learnt a lot about where we would like to live and where we would rather just visit for the day

We enjoyed some lovely food, couldn't leave without partaking of the local cider, a cornish pastie or two and of course a cream tea - would have been rude not to !

My boy and the dog were best mates the whole time, inseparable, and were soooooo good, not one complaint from either of them ! 

Not the best quality pic ever -  moving car, funny backward angle and awful light but this sums up what travelling meant for my boy and the dog, AJ on the laptop ( catching up on Dexter) and the dog on AJ (catching up on his zzzzz's after all that frolicking on all those beaches)

Sorry Ann, I know this photo will torment you xxx

Daylight at the villa meant sea watching for the dog, mesmerised and dreaming of playing in the surf

And my favourite photo of the holiday ( begrudgingly admitting here that it was Neil who took this absolutely stunning shot) - with nothing more than his iphone on standard settings with absolutely no special effects !!!

I love the sense of fun, and, of us all being so small against natures backdrop

I love the way Bruce is trotting adoringly alongside AJ, nose pressing for my boys hand to toss another treasure to be sought amongst the surf

And I love the way Neil captured the light, the reflections and the beauty of Perranporth beach as it played host to a boy and his dog - entertained with nothing more than stones and pebbles - and each other !!!

Love and sandy toes and paws



  1. Sounds very idyllic. Lovely way to spend your retirement albeit we will be sad for you leave us, but hopefully we can come for a visit to see you and the beautiful area for ourselves x

  2. so sad you will be leaving us, but so glad I will know someone in such a fabulous part of the country!! (hint) Your pics are fantastic and it looks like you had great weather. Love the pic Neil took of boy& dog in perfect harmony. Keeping my fingers crossed about the house you've found. xx


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