Sunday 2 March 2014

Sunday night round up

Good evening

It has been a super busy couple of weeks and I have had lots of cards and projects to sink my teeth into

I have a very eclectic mix of photos to share this evening

First up is the card I made for Robbie ( one of my lovely customers not my son)

Robbie recently celebrated a milestone birthday and she loves all shades of purple

This is the card in a box I made for my gorgeous niece Katie who has just celebrated her 16th birthday

And then a very basic looking design but one AJ loves so much it is still up next to his computer in his bedroom, he is Minecraft mad at the moment, Minecraft is a pc game that is made up of blocks, hence the design and the green critter you can see is a creeper

I have more cards to share but will save them for another day.

In other - non crafting news

I have been experimenting with our gluten free cooking

So far, the best recipe I have tried is the one for yorkshire puddings, I replaced regular flour with a mix of cornflour and gluten free plain flour

Light fluffy and a little crispy, these were even better than regular yorkie puds and got a thumbs up from everyone

I tried bread too but so far have had mixed results with texture being a little bit of a problem, it is notoriously awkward so I will be tweaking the recipe until I get a lighter and more open texture.

AJ has started to show signs of feeling a little better, he has a little bit of colour to his cheeks, his skin doesn't look quite so sallow, he has only had two days where medication was required for his headaches, whereas they were almost a daily occurrence and his appetite is slowly becoming more normal, his nausea after eating is also lessening so we are delighted that his diet is working as it should.

We all received good news this week too, the rest of the family are clear and not suffering from Coeliacs disease - our blood tests were all negative.

Finally I have one last photo to share

Iris-  one of my tuesday morning ladies - bought me an amaryllis for Christmas and for once I have actually managed to keep a houseplant alive

Isn't it gorgeous, nestled next to it, is a miniature rose bought for my birthday by one of my wednesday morning ladies - Joan, they look so pretty together on my kitchen table

So, thankyou very much to both Iris and Joan for my lovely gifts, they really bring a lot of cheer to my kitchen ( and they perfectly match my pink Ikea seat pads !)

Love and luscious blooms



  1. love all these cards - all so different and so right for their recipients. I always think it's so hard to do masculine cards so I particularly love the Minesweeper one. Congrats on the Yorkshire puds, I will need to take notes! And so pleased about yr Coeliac tests.

  2. Great cards, must do a Minecraft card for my grandson, I would be a "cool" grandma if I
    Very pleased to hear that tests are ok.xx

  3. Beautiful cards, must check out Minesweeper. Well done on keeping your plants alive, not an usual happening. Must try the yorkies, mine are usually pancakes or Aunt Bessie's, lol. Xxx


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