Wednesday 5 March 2014


Good evening

This card was made for one of my very special ladies at the shop who is a truly wonderful friend.

Trish recently celebrated a milestone birthday, in fact she is still celebrating this week as her family had arranged for her to be pampered at a health spa

Trish has been one of my ladies for the whole time I have had the shop and is always one of the first to offer help, not just to me but to others too, she is kind and funny and genuine so I am not surprised she has been spoilt on her birthday - she totally and utterly deserves it.

The sentiment on this card is one of my all time favourites and in this case is very apt as Trish will always have a special place in my heart

Much love and thanks to you Trish, I hope you have had a lovely, restful pampering this week

Love and footprints



  1. Beautiful card!!! Hope your friend has a special day....the card and your sentiments are special.

  2. Such a lovely card, and a beautiful sentiment too.


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