Saturday 22 March 2014

Saturday night catch up

Hello all

What a week !

Totally exhausted this week, we had the extra cuttlebug classes at the shop and dad is still on his jollies,  I am decorating the whole of the bungalow, I think I could do with a lie in, might pop that on my never ending to do list !

We said goodbye to one of our class members at the shop this week

Inga-Lill is leaving us to go back to her homeland - Sweden, this is the card I made on behalf of the whole class

It is an 8in x 8in scalloped easel
Stamps are by Stampin' Up and Stampendous
Dies are Stampendous
Papers Melissa Frances and Magenta
Flowers are by Prima and Wild Orchid crafts
Pearls are Mark Richards

We will all miss Inga-Lill very much, she is such a lovely person and has such a fabulous sense of humour. She has even already given me my Christmas present as she won't be here to hand it to me in person - how sweet is that !

Good luck in your new home Inga-Lill, we all wish you all the very best

A few thankyou's this evening too, two great big fat thankyou's to my lovely friends Anita and Margaret who have both been helping me in the shop whilst dad is away
Thankyou to Jan who helped with the drinks on friday afternoon
Thankyou to Joan for the scrummy cakes for Inga-Lill's leaving and to her hubby Alan too for the rather lovely and large jar of chutney
And to June and Robbie who both brought in bickies and flapjacks for the classes to share
Thankyou to my afternoon Cuttlebuggers for helping me clean up after class
And also to Pat and Beryl who both slip quietly into the kitchen and do the washing up

Thankyou to everyone who has asked about Amy, AJ and Neil, it is so heartwarming to know so many people care 

Amy is doing much better, she has her pot off now and only has to wear her boot for long walks, she isn't in much pain at all now and has also had good news from student finance, they had made a massive mistake with her funding but it has all been rectified now and she will be receiving the missing funds in the next couple of weeks
AJ is doing brilliantly with his new diet, being very sensible and using his Coeliac app on his phone to make sure he is eating all the right stuff, he is starting to put on a little bit of weight, has had no headaches for over two weeks, he is eating enough to sink a small battleship! Great to see a little colour in his cheeks and a spring in his step
Not so good news for Neil, he has been signed of work for a further three weeks, his series of injections in his scapula and facet joints did not work, he is in as much pain as before but the Tramadol he was prescribed did not agree with him. He is now back on codeine based pain relief as his only other option is opiates which is a road we are reluctant to travel. The vertigo is still with him so movement on any level is utter torture for him, he can't do anything without the sickness and nausea, any advice from fellow sufferers would be very gratefully received.

With all that said I have had a very productive week craftwise so there will be some little nuggets of inspiration to share over the next few days

Happy weekend to all my lovely readers

Love and farewell wishes


  1. beautiful card Tracey, and how sweet of Inga Lill that must be the earliest Xmas pressy on record. Sorry to hear Neil's still having probs, but so glad Amy and AJ are looking up. xx

  2. Phew, your never ending to do list is definitely going to live up to it's name. I have met Inga-Lill a few times and she is such a lovely lady and I'm sure she will be missed. Xxx


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