Friday 8 February 2013

You Rock Robbie

 Tuesday saw my boy turn 17. Honestly with each birthday we celebrate, I have a mild panic at the speed by which the years are passing.

In a fortnights time we will have three teenagers in the house as AJ turns 13.

The nappies, baby gro's, bottles and teddy bears are long gone ( well AJ still has a teddy but don't let on I have told you)  In their place - skateboards, guitars, ipods, fancy phones and clothes that seem to have grown along with them overnight, litter the house where the baby stuff used to be.

My heart aches for those days sometimes, the days of innocence and total dependance ( and the smell of Johnson's baby products).

But those days are disappearing fast, as they grow into young adults, with confidence, with increasing independance and with opinions all their own.

Nevertheless they will always be my babies.

This is the card I made Rob ( as you might guess he is guitar mad)

I used an Inkadinkadoo stamp, the sentiment was computer generated, the patterned paper is Tim Holtz.

The mat behind the photo is a normal scalloped circle Nestability which I have lopped the curves off to make it appear more masculine ( if you punch out the middle too they make great cogs )


  1. My boy turns 18 in May, and I know exactly how you feel!

  2. Happy Birthday AJ love auntie Mad & AJ junior x

  3. Happy Birthday Robbie love you too love Auntie Mad & AJ Junior x


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