Monday 25 February 2013

Happy Birthday AJ

My little guy turned 13 today - happy birthday sweetheart xxx

That means we officially have three teenagers in the house eeeeeeek !!!

My boys are into all things, BMX, Skate and Scooter and spend all their free time honing their skills at the local skate park

So this is the card I put together for AJ

I wrote a poem for him as I wanted the verse inside to be more personal ( I must admit to looking up some of the scooter terms on You Tube)

I'm not sleeping in, you cannot make me
I'm heading out early to perfect my fakie
The skatepark calls, the scooter beckons
I am addicted - so my mum reckons !
Tail whips to start, the park is mine
No other scooters, no waiting in line
Grinding each and every rail
Dropping in - no fear of fail
Backside to half cab, grind some more
Air out and hang five until everything's sore
All done to perfection, not one single spill
Or am I still dreaming and in my bed still ?

I learnt a lot from watching the videos, to be honest the only grinding I was aware of before my little foray into scooter speak was the grinding that occurs inside my pepper mill !

We always let the kids choose their favourite teas on their birthdays, they get free rein, they can choose to eat anywhere so we were fully expecting AJ to choose Domino's or MacDonalds or something of that ilk, but no ! He wanted me to make tacos. He has never had them in his life so this was a gamble, but I was chuffed he chose home cooking if I am honest !

Here is the table all laid out with our Mexican delights ( Neil had to make the night totally authentic with Mexican beers for us adults lol)

It was YUMMY, utterly delish even if I do say so myself

And here is the birthday boy tucking into his tacos !


  1. a great card...Its good he wanted to stay home with his family, moments to treasure...I am sure the poem is very good, if I only could understand it.lolxxx

  2. Lovely card. Like Margaret don't understand a word of the x


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