Wednesday 13 February 2013

Christmas not crafting

Tonight I have no crafting to share, so please skip if you are here for paper inspiration.

This weekend saw the annual Christmas 'do' for Neil at APT, we share the L.O.R works 'do' and it has so happened that the last few years has seen the annual ball fall in the new year -  well into february this time round.

I apologise for the less than smily look - you must understand - our lift was waiting, daughter was using a camera I was trying to  give instructions for ( through gritted teeth) at the same time as standing, posing and balancing on shoes I hadn't worn for eight years ! Also the dog was intent on creating a candid camera moment !!!

Shortly before this photo, the previous photo would have revealed me trying to balance - on tiny 6 inch stiletto's,   attempting to gently shoo wilful westie from under my feet ( hence slightly raised left foot) and bear in mind less than patient mother in law waiting outside whilst  I was also coaching daughter into using new camera, so please forgive my slightly pursed lips, these were hiding, 'shift snowy', 'don't forget flash Amy', 'won't be long MIL' and 'please don't slip dress-  this is not a peep show!'

The dress did hold up - it was bought  for me by Neil several years ago and I have never been able to fit into it - until recently - there is a good reason I hang onto clothes. I was worried a little that there might be a little boobage due to my recent weight loss, but I hung on to my dignity and kept all fleshy bits under wraps - all night - even under the influence of a free bar all night - mum would be so proud.

Sadly the same could not be said for my shoes - also over eight years old and being consigned to the attic for the last 7 years, they gave up the ghost and the straps spewed pearls all over the car  ten minutes from home !!! Luckily I had a similar pair as stand by, so after a quick detour home we were back out and on schedule in a matter of minutes !

After such a frantic start to the evening, all else went like clockwork - great food, great company, great entertainment !!!

We had a fab night, it was lovely to just eat drink and be merry.

NO I did not empty my drink on anyones head this year

NO I did not 'borrow' any balloons this year

and NO - no animals were harmed in the taking of the photo this year !


  1. Hi Tracey,
    You both look stunning in the photo, you dress is gorgeous and shoes too. Glad that all went well and you both enjoyed yourselves.
    Warmest best wishes,

  2. Oh I laughed, I could just picture the scene around you when the photo was taken lol. You both look fabulous x

  3. What a handsome couple. You both look good great. Happy birthday Tracey,xxx

  4. Glad you both had a great night. You look fab.


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