Monday 11 July 2011


I have been promising refurb photos for a while, sorry I haven't done them sooner, I have been busy getting my classes up and running again.  Steve from Foto Inspirations came last week and took the 'afters' for me. Thankyou Steve.

Before - the view from the door, you can see the ripples in the floor, the shelves are almost empty after our huge January sale. The sale was a massive success and made it much easier to clear the shop, we had so much stock to store and it also meant we could start with a 'clean slate' ( read this as lots of lovely new products !)

After  - A lovely even and level floor, the newly laid concrete is so much better and much cooler in the warmer months too, the flooring is a special kind that is easy to clean and hard wearing, looks pretty stylish too, I love the fact that it makes the shop so light and airy. Everyone says how bright and spacious the shop now seems.

Before - The old shelving had seen better days and although it had served its purposes well, we really needed extra storage for all the yummy new A4 cardstock. The units had been damaged and so it was a good time to renew the shelving into something that was both more practical and that looked brighter and more open.

After - the new shelving houses over 100 shades and styles of A4 cardstock and paper, we have more than tripled our range and have space to accommodate even more. All the shelving was put together by dad who worked tirelessly to get us back up and running again, thanks really isn't enough, one day I will find a way to repay him for all his hard work and support, love you dad xxx

Before -  the corner that once housed the sofa, the sofa was damaged also, so had to go, and as it had only ever really been used to drape coats on, we decided to utilize the space to house extra 12 x 12 papers.

Dad added some slat-walling to where the noticeboard used to be to house all the adhesives and we added a further 64 paper trays to hold even more 12 x 12 papers, we currently stock well over 500 different sheets of patterned paper.

All these next few photos are 'afters', the tables all set up for our next scrapbooking class.

I hope you all like my little tour of the shop.
What we haven't shown is the area out back, we have also redone all of that too, the kitchen, stock room and bathroom areas. They have all received new doors, units, shelving and a much needed coat of paint and the flooring is the same as in the main area of the shop.

I have been promising these photos for a while and debated whether to post them in the end. I wasn't sure that we had anything to celebrate, after all we only suffered a flood like so many other Britons this year. But, all in all, I am proud of what we have achieved. It was hard work and there were times I felt like giving up but my family and friends were amazing and so supportive !

We have loads of exciting plans and changes too, it really was a kick start - watch this space !              

Love and new beginnings
Tracey xxx


  1. Tracy what a fabulous new look shop so big and so much stock it looks like my kind of heaven!!!!! Loved the tour around will have to make the real thing next time!!! Chanelle xxx

  2. Wow! It looks brilliant! Scrappy heaven! I only wished I was nearer so I could pay u a visit!

  3. Wow, your shop looks amazing. One day I'll come and see you! x

  4. Looks like an Aladins cave of goodies, and so much space to browse comforably. Wish I lived closer. Yvonne x

  5. Drooling at the pictures. Beauuuuuutiful place and so many gorgeous products!

  6. A lovely light and airy space Tracey. Well done to you (and your Dad! and others I'm sure) for your hard work and perseverance :D x

  7. What a wonderful shop. I have to win the lotto so I can come and shop. No wonder your creations are so wonderful with such a fab stock.

  8. Wow, the shop looks wonderful!!!

  9. wow my friend what a wonderful store .. so beautiful .. what a shame you do not live close to me .. then I came especially to your store

    hugs carla

  10. Wow. I'm glad you're not near me ~ I would never go home!

  11. OH WOW, You must be so happy with it. It's like heaven for crafters. You have made such good use of the space. I will have to try and pay a visit one day. Love Sandra x

  12. What a beautiful space you have there. I love the new floor, it really does make a huge difference to the feel of the place. Your shelves are brimming with exciting goodies, a creative haven!

  13. Looks fabulous in the photos and even more fabulous in real life.


  14. Wow- What a great transformation!! I love having such a wonderful craftshop to spend in:) my favourite shop in the whole wide world!!!

    And I get to craft with all my special friends. BONUS!!!


  15. Wow the refurb looks great, and look at all that stock....!! Lea x

  16. Wow Tracey, I'm definitely visiting your shop if I'm ever near Grimsby! I'm coming to Lincolnshire the end of August, so I'll see if I can persuade happy to indulge me!! Fabulous shop!!

  17. OMG I could definitely run amok in there !It's so tidy and easy to manouver and all that stock oh dear have come over all giddy. Worth visiting the UK For your shop only .



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