Friday 1 July 2011

Me in my Moleskine Part one

The first few pages of my brand spanking new journal inspired by the class I have just taken with the amazing Kirsty Wiseman

Please be warned, 
this is a photo heavy post and the journalling is real and sometimes personal, if you don't like that kind of honesty - please look away now !

Front cover of the Moleskine

Inner of front cover, with glassine pocket and journalling tag, the tag just gives brief details of when I started the journal and why.

Page one - all about me

Page two - body parts

Page three -  clothes

Page four - hair

Page five - skin

Page six - my mind ( a scary place sometimes !) - on a good day

Page seven - My mind - on a bad day

Page eight - my heart

Page nine - love

I made a start on the cover and first page on wednesday, the rest was done yesterday during my day off. The nicest thing about doing it all yesterday was that Neil had the day off also and had to work on a training manual for work, so we shared the desk all day, each time he took a break he kept going through my journal and commenting, generally taking a genuine interest, adding bits for me and I think he quite enjoyed watching me play, although there was a fair bit of eyebrow raising too ! He did almost get an ASBO though when he said my handwriting was like me, nothing wrong with that you might say, until you find out why it resembles me - he said it was all very rounded !!!!!!! For someone who doesn't 'get' atc's or tags ( in fact I think he thinks they are completely pointless) it was good to see him taking an interest in the journal.

Kirsty has opened up the class and I can highly recommend it to anyone thinking of taking a little foray into the world of art journalling, or even if you just want to mess with inks and paints. You can be as open or a brief as you like with the journalling and there is lots of scope to make it your own style, the video is fab and you also get a fab manual with all your need to know plus the Moleskine itself, the prompts and lots of other little bits and bobs ( and no I am not on commission lol, just excited to be part of something so fun)

To register an interest just pop along to Kirsty's site HERE

Love and inky painty fingers

Tracey xxx


  1. A truer word was never said, lol. Love all your pages so far. Nice to know Neil was not saying 'but why' about your journal, MEN they just don't get it (usually). Keep showing 'cos I need to know how, lol.
    Anita xxx

  2. Your pages are brill!! Love them!! Very jealous at how much you have completed so far. I only completed page 1 last night!! Have Sunday and Monday free this week so hopefully I can catch up!!

  3. Stunning journal, Tracey.
    I was fortunate to have my photos taken by Kirsty at my team retreat in Feb 2008. She spent a few hours with us scrapping.

  4. Stunning pages. Have fun. ♥♥

  5. Wow, you've really got off to a great start - I've managed my cover so far...! All your pages are lovely.

    Maz H x

  6. Blimey Tracey, you've done loads _ I've only managed the first page, started on the cover and painted but not completed pages 2& 3. Looking fab, will pop back to see how it's coming along soon.
    Jenni x

  7. hey sweet friend ..Gorgeous Card, breathtaking background and design!!

    have a very wonderful weekend
    hugs carla

  8. Wow it is looking wonderful and you are really putting your own stamp on it! I'm yet to get really stuck in but can't wait to get going. Can't wait to see you next pages! Helen x


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