Sunday 3 July 2011

Me in my Moleskine Part three

And so the journal itself is finished. I still have all the tags to make for the pockets and the more lengthy journalling that accompanies them but the bones of my book are done.

Page sixteen - Handwriting

Page seventeen - Music

Page eighteen - Family

Page nineteen - Friends

Page 20 - Food and drink

I don't have anything to blog, I am all journalled out, so without further waffling I will bid you all a good night

Love and wordy wafflings

Tracey xxx


  1. Looks like you have had great fun creating your lovly journal pages. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Wamrest best wishes,

  2. I love ur journal! Gr8 colours :) Ur food page is fab!

  3. Wow, have been looking at your journal pages. It is an amazing book, thankyou for sharing it with us. Yvonne x

  4. Your pages are fantastic, I love theme all and the colours are great. I don't like my handwriting either, but yours is very good. xx

  5. Im loving this journal Tracey and am kicking myself for not joining in the course - kirsty's way of art journalling is so me! Love it thanks for sharing x janet

  6. Hi Tracey, have just been looking at all your journal pages. You are obviously having the greatest fun and creating a book of memories at the same time. Look forward to seeing more of them. x

  7. What a great way to start off your journalling ... and many thanks for your LOVELY comments on mine! Just keep at it, and be fearlessly honest, otherwise you're telling fibs to yourself!!

  8. Hiya Tracey, you've done a great job of pulling your journal together :) Don't know why you don't like your own handwriting - its lovely! And it a big part of who you are! x x

  9. Fabulous journalling Tracey i am currently working on my journal too,its my first so making lots of mistakes lol
    hugs June xxxxx

  10. I bet you are so proud of how it is coming on! Lovely colour combos and looks so pretty. Helen x

  11. I love your journaling book, my face bit is the little picture of me;).xx
    I can't wait to start mine:).

    Miss you.

    See you next

  12. These pages are great, just waiting for my kit to arrive then I can get started! It's lovely to see other peoples! Lea x

  13. These are just such wonderful journal pages. All the things about you will be treasured always by your children and their children.....
    A legacy of you.

  14. wow this is so wonderful...beautiful My friend!!

    hugs carla

  15. Congrats on finishing the journal! Your pages look fab!! Tonight I finished pages 14 and 15 plus managed to do some tags. Hopefully I can finish journal tomorrow and remaining tags on Monday. Are you signing up for "Feel" class??


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