Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tags, Tags and more tags

I was just a tad dismayed by the fact My Holtz had decided to take a break from his twelve tags of christmas, I felt as though the usual build up to christmas had been tarnished just a little. Almost as though Tescos had banned the selling and eating of the Mince Pie !!!!

Don't get me wrong, I didn't always take part, and to be honest I think I only ever completed the twelve tags twice in it's entirety. But !!!! It's an institution among the crafting community, even if I haven't taken part, I have checked in, ogled and imagined the possibilities.

So, with a little bit of a pouty lip, I glanced at the new tags Tim is sharing on his blog each month throughout 2013.

I looked

I liked

I was inspired ( as always)

I skipped to the next blog on my google reader

I sulked

I considered

I went back

I ogled once again

I gave in !!!

Here is my first Tim Holtz inspired tag of 2013

So ..... Thankyou once again Sir Tim.

For sharing your talents

For sharing your techniques

For encouraging us to just get out our stuff and CRAFT !!!

If you take a peek at Tim's blog you can see my tag is quite different from the original, but that is what it is all about, using what you have, so grab what you have, play and create !

You can play along with Tim's tags HERE

Have FUN crafting xxx


  1. Your tag is fab and I love your take on it by adding flowers with cog centers, great idea. Lynne xx

  2. Gorgeous tag - I love the subtle color palette.


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