Friday, 27 July 2012

Quick catch up

Last friday was mums birthday, she is cruising the Baltic with dad, so I got the card made early and dad packed it along with all her other bits, to surprise her once she was on board.

I have it on good authority dad had also secretly arranged flowers for her cabin and a special meal with Champagne on her birthday, awwww almost makes up for not seeing her on the day .

So this is the gatefold card I made

And as per usual when I make an unusually sized card, I totally forgot it needed to fit an envelope ! So I had to make a box too.

It's been a superbusy week and I have a massive thankyou to say to Anita and Margaret who have helped make the shop run smoothly in dad's absence, thankyou both so much.

I spent monday with Anita, our day off ended up in Hull on a magical mystery tour, we were in search of arty stuff for our journal and got several bargains, had a lovely lunch and as always lots of laughs, thanks for a lovely day Anita.

On tuesday Neil surprised me with tickets to see Sterophonics at the Grimsby auditorium. When I saw they were announced I was desperate to go, having seen them about four years ago I knew I would need to see them again, but alas the tickets sold out and I thought I had missed the opportunity, unbeknown to me Neil had sourced some on the quiet and surprised me with them when I got home from work.

Wow what a night, the little guy with the big voice never ever disappoints, they are one of the most professional, relentless and true to record bands I have ever seen, and Kelly makes it all look so effortless !

I have been working on my Lifebook all week and have some new paintings to share over the next couple of days and I have also taken on a couple of new projects. Myself and my friends at the shop have all decided to complete a themed circle journal this year, as they are all readers of my blog, I won't be sharing any of the pages just yet as it will spoil the surprise but I will be compiling them all into a post once the journals are complete.
Some of us will be completing a second prompt based art journal, where the emphasis will be on the writing and the words, these I will share as we go along.
Also Anita, Margaret and myself are undertaking a photography challenge for the next two months, this will be shared as each photo is taken and added to my journal.

One last little thing before I bid you goodnight and continue watching the Olympic opening ceremony,
a big thankyou to Ann for the flowers and for reminding me there is always love and light xxx 

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  1. Always enjoy our little jaunts, even though we saw a lot more of Hull than we intended.
    Even enjoyed being 'staff'. Always ready to help.
    So, camera at the ready - bring it on!


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