Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The busy man is troubled with but one devil

This weeks class cards

Using  a new Stampendous stamp and the freebie from Craft Stamper this month

And the second card was for a new baby, simple little bib design.

Sorry the blogging has been a little hit and miss lately.

I have been busy, around the house, generally getting some long overdue jobs done. All entirely boring and totally not blog worthy but necessary none the less.

I am still working hard at the gym, six days a week, the scales are not showing any drop in weight but my clothes are much looser and I am currently two dress sizes smaller than I was in January. I absolutely love weight training and I am finding I need to do far less cardio now that I am lifting heavier weights.

I am also creating several projects for my new saturday classes which will be resuming very soon, the first of which will be in a couple of weeks, details to follow later in the week.

Also my last circle journal has just come to an end and we are beginning another one, all good friends who know each other through the shop.
Most of the other girls have not done any art journalling before, so, for the next month our tuesday and friday get-togethers are going to be centred around learning some new backgrounds and mixed media techniques, so I am working hard to put together some interesting stuff  to help inspire the girls.

So -  busy, busy, busy,
And you know what ?
It's all good
Keeps me out of mischief !
(Well  - a little less mischief !!!)

The busy man is troubled with but one devil
The idle man by a thousand
Spanish Proverb


  1. Beautiful cards, lovely designs, great

  2. Stunning cards and good luck with your new circle journal ... Hope it brings you. Much joy as this has for me!
    Catherine xxx


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