Thursday, 12 July 2012

Music is love ...

Kate recently brought into the shop these fabulous ATC's.

They were created by some lovely and very talented crafters at a recent retreat and sent on as RAK's to myself Anita and Margaret.

So, thankyou Kate, Janet, Michelle and all you other generous ladies, they were a very much appreciated surprise.

As well as my recent minor obsession with using my scraps to make tags, I also regularly sit and craft some little handmade flowers from leftovers -  card, papers and general bits and bobs.

The flower top left has been crafted from a Coke can, coloured with alcohol inks.
I have used various punches on book paper, card and scrapbook paper for the others, some have been distressed, some inked and some treated with a light spray of glimmer mist.

I have just been teaching myself the finer nuances of dubstep.
Having two teenagers and an almost teen in the house inevitably leads to quite deep and meaningful conversations regarding various genres of music.
Neil and I have very similar and totally eclectic tastes in music, nothing is off the agenda and we have tried to expose the children to a wide range of styles.
Amy and Robbie were recently having one such conversation re the merits of dubstep and how it is being introduced into mainstream, well hello dubstep, I say as the conversation drifts entirely over the top of my head and disappears into the ether being neither comprehended or absorbed in any way.

Well I don't know about you, but it annoys the hell out of me to have my kids talking about something that I don't understand.

So I set about a secret mission, mission dubstep !
Secret because I don't want to obliterate what is left of my street cred.

I have been youtubing and googling and have learned about reverberating sub-base and BPM,
Syncopated percussion and the importance of movement and insistence !
I have been introduced to the charm that is Skrillex ( note heavy sarcasm not apparent in the typed version of this sentence !)

And my conclusion - it is a genre of music I can quite happily live without.

I think I will stick to my industrial metal !

Music is love in search of a word
Sidonie Gabrielle

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