Friday, 19 August 2011

The two cards I taught in this weeks class, I had been asked to do some black cards a couple of times, and I had this lovely Crate paper in the shop.

This week also saw the first of Bonnie's Cuttlebug classes at my shop, the class was a roaring success - literally ( it was a wonder a representative from the local constabulary didn't come and ask us to keep the noise down lol) These are my two cards, very slightly different from the ones Bonnie made ( due mainly to me not concentrating !!!)

To see Bonnie's original cards pop over to our shop website HERE and to find out future dates for the classes ( Basically the third thursday each month), a list is available HERE

A big thankyou to Bonnie who hosted such a fun and inspiring class, and also for providing me with this bounteous bowl of veggies - yummmmmmmmmm

Another big thankyou to Pam for this perfect posy of flowers, handpicked from her own garden and arranged in such a pretty manner, they are currently subtly perfuming my work table as I write this post.

And yet another week slips past in the blink of an eye, the children have only a couple of weeks left and they will all be back at school/college. Let's hope the weather is kind for their last few days off, both my boys are outdoorsy so the rainy days are torture for them.

One last little thing before I go, here is a cute little conversation I had with A.J this evening

A.J - "Mummmmmmmmm, how long have you and dad been married ?"
Me - "Well our next wedding anniversary will be our 20th."
A.J - "Cool ! What award do you get for doing 20 years ?"

Lol is he expecting Neil to get a medal for putting up with me for that long I wonder ?


  1. Don't you just love 'em. I think we all need awards for the years we have to do the thinking for 2!!!! Ha ha. xxx

  2. just so beautiful card my friend
    and have very great weekend
    hugs carla


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