Saturday, 27 August 2011

Planet Leeds

This weeks class cards

I don't normally create cards to a specific theme when planning a class, rather generic style cards which can be adapted to the needs of the creator. But I have been asked for ideas for 'new home' cards recently.

And the second card I taught, simple cuttlebugging, simple stamping, simple design = simple card

I have also finished next months ATC's for the Stampman swap,  get me being a whole month ahead of myself ! The theme was garden

I went with a little whimsy this time, not my usual style, but fun to do

I have also been busy with a very special circle journal, more details to follow shortly.

I will be back tomorrow with a card I made for a commission this week.

On a personal note, I am extra busy this week because I am attempting to take my mind off the fact that my daughter is in Leeds at the festival.
I know I am not the only mum that goes through this.
I just wasn't prepared for the way it would make me feel. Ironic really, I have spent the last 17 years teaching my only daughter how to be independent and the first time she shows a little independence I panic. She is with lifelong friends who are all sweet, good girls, she is sensible and practical and yet I am sat here worrying whether she is warm enough, safe, happy, hungry, and whether she is talking to some bloody weirdo.
Leeds feels like it is a million miles away and for some frustrating reason my natural ability to sleep at the drop of a hat has been completely obliterated. Last night was spent examining the ceiling (how do they manage to plaster so smoothly without it all dropping off onto their heads ? I can't even ice a cake !) Although, by all accounts, Amy had no sleep either as the girls managed to find a lovely place to pitch their tent, right near the DJ playing rave music til 5am. Lord knows what I am going to be like when they all eventually leave home !!!
Snowy is at a complete loss, he keeps wandering up and down the hall, moping, looking for her, under the bed, behind the door, in her wardrobe, tirelessly seeking out his playmate, he keeps looking at me with his cute little puzzled head tilted on one side and then glances back towards her bedroom door, yeah I know mate, I want her home too !


  1. Love your atcs, sooo cute.
    Sounds like Amy is having a fab time. Monday will soon be here and the first adventure will have been overcome. Sleep tight. xxx

  2. I love your finished atc's:)

    Amy will be home before you know it:)

    Sleep tight.


  3. great atcs..the first time is always the hardest to let go, but it does not get any better lol. thats the joys of being a mum!!!!... try and have a good

  4. Lovely cards and ATC's, I can understand your worry even though I didn't have children. My poor animals pay the price for that. Amy has a great role model in you and your family. She will do the right thing given a chance.
    Keep Well, Chris xo

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  6. Beautiful art Tracey.
    She will be fine, you have brought her up to be independent with decent values which is all any parent can do. I bet she is having the time of her life, despite the weather.

  7. Lovig the ATC's Tracey! With regards to your lovely daughter, she will be enjoying every moment of that independence you have given her and will appreciate the fact that you trusted her to go without you. The first time my son went to T in the Park I barely slept for four days! and he text me every day with simple comments to keep me going: 'Alive', 'Still alive', 'Still Alive', 'Am Ok', and finally 'what time will you bee her to pick me up?'.
    She will give you a massive hug and tell you she missed you when she gets home and sleep till tea time! xxx

  8. I love you ATC's Tracey, fab inky backgrounds. My son went to the same festival though it was year two for me so not so stressful. It doesn't help though that the phone signal round here is so rubbish. He came home covered in mud in someone else's clothing saying that he hadn't slept for days 'cos of the cold and yes he's going again next year lol x


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