Monday, 29 August 2011

Doll Face

Scrapbooking, just for me, not for a sample, not for a class, not for a display or a commission, just for me and just because ..............

It is a while since I just sat and played, but this weekend that is exactly what I did do and loved every minute

I also completed the front covers and first two pages of my two new journals which I will share with you tomorrow

Amy is home

A little bit grubby

A little bit hungry

A lot tired

And with a good chunk of Leeds still clinging to her wellies

And then there were 5 again - much better !!!


  1. You look like you had fun. Wonderful artwork as always. Glad you can heave a sigh of relief that you daughter is home.
    Bye the way I love your photography on the blog. My husband keeps ragging on my photography. I suggested he should do it then or stop looking.
    Have a great week! Hugs, Chris

  2. As a fellow teacher, I know what you mean, so good for the soul to just play, just because! Stunning page and glad all back to normal at home.

  3. OHHH this is stunnind design!! WOW

    hugs carla

  4. Beautiful layout Tracey. Simple but very effective, you are so clever.
    Glad you've got your Amy back home, bet she had a great time - mud and all!!!

  5. I love this page and such a beautiful picture to scrap too.


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