Saturday, 2 July 2011

Me in my Moleskine Part two

I had forgotten just how fun colour can be

Spot the deliberate mistake on these pages! donut me ( my new nickname thanks to miss KW) painted the backgrounds made the hands and feet then turned the book round by accident and stuck all the journalling strips the wrong way up on the foot page - doh !!!!!!!

Page 10 - feet ( the correct way up !)

Page 11 - hands

Page 12 - my present status

Page 13 - home

Page 14 - my bag

Page 15 - make-up

I have just done a silly thing and counted the remaining pages, sadly there are only a few left to complete, I have all the more intense and secret journalling to do on my tags but I think I could possibly have the whole thing wrapped up by monday evening. I will really miss this fun little project, so have decided to start a new book and delve deeper into the world of art journalling.

A little thankyou to someone who rang at lunch today - you know who you are !!! You brightened my day hon and made me laugh out loud ( i don't often meet my match in the bonkers department lol)

Love and, trips to Ouagadougou

Tracey xxx


  1. It's looking fabulous Tracey, you've done so much! I know what you mean about not wanting to finish, I'm already wondering what I'll do next! I love that you stuck your journaling tags upside down - at least you didn't do what Kirsty did and turn the whole spread the wrong way up!
    Jenni x

  2. It looks gr8 Tracey! Love it so far :) I'm still to get started! :(

  3. I is so interesting to look at these pages and aslo to read! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hello there Tracey, WoW I've been visiting all your pages, what brilliant journalling, love reading all your words and explanations, I don't think you're mad at all I'd say you are beautifully normal, LOL The colours and art are fabulous, it would take me a long time to comment on each beautiful creation but fear not I'll be back, hugs Gay xxx

  5. Tracey, gorgeous Moleskine pages and a gorgeous blog!!! If I'm ever in Grimsby, I'll look you up! XX


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