Thursday 1 May 2014

Tinsel and turkey thursday

Good evening

Tonight I am here sharing with you my christmas card for last week, with a technicality that Neil has taken full advantage of !

You will guess what is coming Margaret !

THe background was created with embossing folders, Distress inks and metallic wax rubs

I have no idea why the camera is picking up the gold in the glitter as it is, it is actually far more subtle in real life

I finished this card after midnight on tuesday, 2.30 am wednesday to be precise, so technically I missed my deadline and therefore owe Neil forfeit number 6, worryingly he never forgets and is storing them up for later redemption hmmmmm wonder if there is a way I can wriggle out of them !

But........ to be honest, I am pretty chuffed with myself that I have got to the first week in May and am only six behind, 6 out of 17  is much better than my 4 out of 52 last year !

And .......... as I missed last weeks deadline with this card I am actually ahead of myself for next week - woohooooo, see,  every cloud has a silver lining!

Love and silver linings


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  1. This is gorgeous, Tracey!! Love the colors and embossing!


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