Saturday 3 May 2014

Gluten free Tiffin ( fridge cake)

Tiffin is definitely one of my kids all-time favourite sweet treats ( mine too as it is soooo quick and easy and always turns out delish)

Not at all a trial to make gluten free as most of the natural ingredients are already gluten free

Ingredients :

250g digestive biscuits ( I used Tesco free from digestives but actually any good and crunchy biscuit of your choice will be fine)
4 oz butter
3tbsp golden syrup
2 rounded tbsp good quality cocoa powder
good handful of sultanas ( you could use currents, raisins or cherries)
4 oz chocolate ( please check carefully as Cadburys Dairy milk chocos are gluten free but Dairy milk bars are NOT !!! Chocolate is an absolute minefield

Method :

Melt butter and syrup gently over a low heat in a heavy based saucepan
Add all ingredients except biscuits and stir well
Crush biscuits, you could pulse them in a blender but I shove them in a strong freezer bag and bash them with my rolling pin( good for the old stress levels), you are aiming for a crumbly mixed texture of fine sandy grains and slightly larger lumps too)
Add biscuits to other ingredients and combine well
Add to a buttered pie dish and refrigerate until cold
Melt chocolate either in a bain-marie or like I did with shorts zaps of the microwave ( keep your eye on it though, don't over heat or it will become grainy)
Smother melted chocolate over chilled tiffin and sprinkle with desired yummy bits, I used gluten free chocolate sugar strands and white chocolate chunks

The possibilities are endless when you consider the variations in this recipe, we have had it with Maltesers in the past ( can't have them in there now as they are not gluten free) but I think I could be chopping up a cadbury's fudge or two to include in my next variation

Love and Sprinkles


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