Wednesday 2 May 2012

Getting back on track

I am still here

Sorry for my absence

To coin a phrase some of my US friends use

Life sucks

Well, sometimes it does

It has been doing here in chez Jackson at the moment

Not big time

Nothing serious

But just 'stuff'

So this is me pulling up my socks, dusting down and getting back on track


Class cards up to date

These two are from about three weeks ago

And then we played with chalks and versamark for a subtle stamping technique for the next two cards

We also created backgrounds with the depth of field technique for these next two cards

And last week I demonstrated this pop-up style card

I am woefully behind in many of my year long projects but will be making a concerted effort to get back on track over the next fortnight

And that means blogging too

I have missed my little corner of the world wide web


  1. Beautiful cards. Glad you are back.miss reading your blog. Xxxx

  2. Yayyyy! Hello, long time no blogging. Good to see you back.

    As the saying goes ~ Life happens, love helps. So, keep calm and carry on.

    This is the end of the lesson for the day, xxxxx

  3. Yay!!!! Good to see you back, lovely cards.
    See you fri.

  4. Lovely cards - and I know all about that "life getting in the way" stuff!

  5. its Good to see you are back in the land of blogging, mIssed reading it. lovely cards x


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